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Belgian Symposium on the Integration of Molecular Biology Advances into Oncology Clinical Practice




8th Belgian Symposium on the Integration of Molecular Biology Advances into Oncology Clinical Practice


Friday November 28th, 2014
Saturdy November 29th, 2014


Organizing Committee:

Institut Jules Bordet







Location: Hotel Golden Tulip, Bessenveldstraat 15, Diegem, Belgium 

Friday 28 NOVEMBER 2014 (morning)

Workshop on Tumor Sequencing and Precision Medicine

Chairs : A. Awada, M. Piccart, J. De Grève

08.30 - 9.00 Welcome – coffee and tea
9.00 – 9.20

Tumor sequencing: The evolving technologies

C. Desmedt (IJB)

9.20 – 9.50

Role of tumor sequencing in the understanding of cancer biology

S. Van Laere (GZA)

9.50 – 10.05

Tumor sequencing : advantages for clinical practice

J. De Grève (VUB)

10.05 – 10.20

Tumor sequencing: limitations and challenges for clinical Practice

A. Awada (IJB)

10.20 – 10.45

Coffee Break

10.45 – 11.05

Participation and role of molecular tumor board: how to interpret the data of tumor sequencing.

A. Irrthum (IJB)

11.05 – 11.30

Real life clinical cases

Ph. Aftimos (IJB)

11.30 – 12.00

Steps ahead in the implementation of NGS in the Belgian Health Care System

R. Salgado (IJB/GZA)

Friday 28 NOVEMBER 2014 (afternoon)

13.30 – 14.00 Arrival – coffee and tea

14.00 - 14.05

A. Awada (IJB) - J. De Grève (VUB)

14.05 - 14.30

Funding access to innovation in Belgium
M. Vandenbulcke (WIV – ISP)

14.30 – 15.30
Chair: A. Awada (Jules Bordet Institute)

Bladder, head & neck and lung squamous cells carcinomas cancers resistant to current therapies
- The therapeutic breakthrough of immune checkpoints inhibitors - J.P Machiels (UCL)


NSCLC : New generation of targeted agents fighting the resistance :

- Resistant EGFR – mutated tumors - G. Berchem (Luxembourg)

- Resistant ALK– translocated tumors – J. Van Meerbeeck (UZA Antwerpen)

Chair: J. De Grève (VUB)
Precision I & II Clinical trial : A Precision medicine initiative of the BSMO Ph. Aftimos (IJB)- L. Decoster (VUB)
16.00 – 16.30 Coffee Break

16.30 – 17.00

Chair: P. Vuylsteke (CMSE Namur)

Side effects of targeted agents : A true challenge in clinical research and practice
E. Raymond (Université de Lausanne)

17.00 – 17.50

Chair: G. Pelgrims (AZ Turnhout)

Castration resistant Prostate cancer : Present and perspectives

J. De Bono (Royal Mardsen, UK)


New generation of multitargeted kinase inhibitors

Emerging MTKIs and PARP inhibitors in gynecological tumors
L. Dirix (GZA)

17.50 – 18.20

Chair: A. Hendlisz (Jules Bordet Institute)

Molecular profiling of colorectal cancer : from tumor biology understanding to treatment benefit

M. Peeters (UZA)


Saturday 28 NOVEMBER 2014 (morning)
8.00 – 8.30 Arrival – coffee and tea

8.30 – 9.15

Chair: L. Dirix (GZA)

Liquid biopsy (versus solid biopsy) : A complementary or alternative approach

M. Ignatiadis (IJB)


Mapping tumor heterogeneity with molecular imaging with a focus on breast cancer

E. De Vries (Groningen University,Netherlands)

9.15 – 9.45

Chair: B. Neyns

Prognostic, predictive and therapeutic value of immune markers in relation to chemotherapy and targeted agents

S. Loibl (german breast group)


Chair: S. Rottey

Emerging MTKIs and monoclonal antibodies in GI tumors (other than colorectal)

K. Geboes (UZ Gent)


Molecular characterization of sarcomas and treatment guidance

J.Y. Blay (University C. Bernard, Lyon)

10.45 – 11.15 Coffee Break

11.15 – 12.45

Chair: R. Paridaens


Targeted therapies of melanoma

- Single versus combination therapies – J. Kerger (IJB)

- Perspectives – B. Neyns (UZ Brussel)


Breast Cancer research and practice : what we learned recently and perspectives

- Metastatic Breast Cancer – H. Wildiers (KUL)

- Early Breast Cancer - M. Piccart (IJB)

12.45 – 13.00

Closing remarks followed by a light lunch

R. Paridaens (KUL) - A. Awada (IJB)


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