Missions The major missions of the Medical Imaging Department are

To provide high quality diag- nostic and therapeutic services using radioactive elements.

To carry out translational and early clinical research, with a particular focus on new targeted treatments.

To deliver high quality pre- and postgraduate teaching in nuclear oncology.

To integrate imaging into the multidisciplinary oriented ap- proach to patient care.

DePartMental organisation

The medical team comprises 4 nuclear medi- cine physicians, 1 radiopharmacist, 2 radio- physicists, 7 imaging technologists and/or nurses, 1 data-nurse and 2 administrative assistants.

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KeY Figures

7 publications in 2010 5 international collaborations 2 PhD theses in 2010


FielD, technologies anD MethoDs

In animals, study of immune-system response in leukaemia induced by a virus

With leukaemia patients, study of the role of suppressor lymphocytes in immune- system response

Comparison between leukaemia patients and healthy individuals with respect to their global immune systems

Based on previous research carried out on immune-response suppressor lymphocytes, a vaccine study involving patients with leukaemia relapse who have not undergone bone marrow transplantation

Missions Improving the treatment of

leukaemias through basic research and preclinical studies

Providing high-quality scientific training for young postgraduates and mentoring them to the PhD level

DePartMental organisat n

The Laboratory works closely with the Labo- ratory of Cell Therapy and the Department of Haemato-Oncology and Transplantation. Each research project is managed by a PhD student. The laboratory comprises 6 PhD sci- entists, 5 PhD students, 1 haematologist and 1 secretary.

the Future Fewer relapses in patients who have not been treated with bone marrow trans- plantation

Understanding the mechanisms that prevent cancer cells from being eliminated, despite having been identified by the immune system

Main areas Malignant B-cells Leukaemic immune environment

Dr Redouane Rouas Researcher

Prof Philippe Martiat Haematologist, Head of Laboratory

Prof Philippe Lewalle Haematologist, Researcher