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lymphatic massage

The Institut Bordet Lymphology Clinic brings together doctors and paramedical professionals who offer a structured, multidisciplinary response to lymphatic disorders and to questions about the lymphatic system that certain cancer patients may ask.

The Clinic also offers its services to individuals with primary lymphoedema, lipolymphoedema and secondary lymphoedema following trauma or infection. 

A number of specialist doctors with broad practical experience of these problems offer consultations which can lead first to proposals for further investigation, followed by the option of a range of therapeutic approaches and their implementation.

Our team

Romain Barbieux, physiotherapist

Medical and paramedical associates
Dr Géraldine Gebhart, deputy head of clinic, Nuclear Medicine
Dr Mariana-Mirela Roman, resident in Breast and Pelvic Surgery
- Prof. Yves Libert, psychologist coordinator for the Institut Bordet Psycho-Oncology Clinic
- Anne Dejonghe, nurse, Rehabilitation Unit, Psycho-Oncology and Supportive Care
- Michel Hardy, Head of the Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapists specialising in preventive and physiotherapy-based approaches to lymphoedema
- Frédérique Bernard
- Julie Dewilde
- Sandrine Darc
- Audrey Gobillard
- Geoffroy Janssens
- Hugues Vas


National Consultants
Professors Nele Adriaenssens, Albert and Olivier Leduc, Steven Provijn (PhD in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation), Drs Guido Giacalone, Denis Munck and Assaf Zeltzer (surgeons specialising in certain microsurgical approaches to lymphoedema), etc.

Foreign Consultants
The Lymphology Clinic also calls on the expertise of internationally renowned specialists for advice and opinions:

  • surgeons such as Drs Baumeister (Munich, Germany), Becker (Paris, New York), Boccardo (Genoa, Italy), Brorson (Malmö, Sweden), Campisi (Genoa, Italy), Riquet (Paris), etc.
  • paediatricians specialising in vascular diseases, such as Dr Papendieck (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • physiotherapists such as Drs Foeldi (Hinterzarten, Germany), Michelini (Roma, Italy), etc.