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Organigram of the Institute



  • General management
    • M. S. RILLAERTS, General Director
  • Medical management
    • Dr D. DE VALERIOLA, General Medical Director
    • Dr J.-B. BURRION, Deputy Medical Director
  • Financial management
    • Mrs. M. RAICK, Financial Director
  • Human Ressources Management
    • Mr. B. GOFFIN, Coordinator Human Ressources
  • Direction of Programmation, Organisation and Reconstruction
    • Mr. F. COTEUR, Director P.O.R.
  • Informatical Management
    • Mr. P. HENNEBERT, IT Director
  • Logistics, Purchases and Biomedical Direction
    • Mr. P. LEGRAND, Logistics, Purchases and Biomedical Director
  • Direction Nursing Department
    • Mrs. G. DE JONGHE, Director of Nursing dept
  • Department of Research Administration 
    • Mrs. M. SAUTOIS, Director of Research Administration
  •  Information Management Unit
    • Mrs. M. PAESMANS, Director of Information Management Unit
  • Management Secretary :