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KeY Figures

26,000 biopsies and surgical specimens analysed/year

21,000 cytology analyses/year 45 staff members

Missions Diagnosing cancerous and non-cancerous diseases

Staging cancers and evaluating response to therapy

Providing accurate molecular tests needed to determine a patient’s eligibility for targeted therapies

Participating in multidisciplinary collaborations

Engaging in research and development of new molecular tests for clinical practice

Dr Aurore Dubois Biomedical Scientist, Molecular Biology

Pierre Sidon Biologist, Cytogenetics

Prof Denis Larsimont Pathologist, Head of Department

Françoise Bury Technologist, Immunohistochemistry

FielD, technologies anD MethoDs

Tumour pathology, mainly for breast, gynaecological, gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary cancers

Immunohistochemistry robotic platform to detect specific and/ or more widely expressed antigens needed to identify tumours that cause metastases or to determine suitability for targeted therapy

Molecular technologies such as PCR, RT-PCR, ISH to detect amplification, deletion and mutation of genes

Micro-array technology to characterise genomic profiles of tumours with prognostic or predictive values