KeY Figures

5,230,000 analyses/ year

110 staff members ISO 15189 certifica- tion since 2010


Prof Olivier Vandenberg Clinical Biologist, Head of Department Missions

Providing fast and accurate biological measurements Delivering results for well established diagnostic tests Meeting evolving clinical needs by implementing new,

high complexity tests

Our goal is to combine routine clinical lab tests with innovative approaches to meet the challenges of medicine today… and in the future. PrOF OLivier vAnDenberG, Head of the Clinical biology Department

Main areas In addition to comprehensive chemistry and haematology testing, the Department of Clinical Biology provides expertise and services in: Transfusion medicine Flow cytometry Bacteriology Virology Mycology Parasitology Molecular biology

DePartMental organisation The Department of Clinical Biology is shared between CHU Saint-Pierre and the Institute, and its work is carried out in specia lized subunits:

The Clinical Chemistry Laboratory performs approximately 3,000,000 tests annually. This laboratory provides a variety of standard tests on blood, urine and other bodily fluids, including spinal fluid. The laboratory also offers speciality testing such as the identification of haemoglobin variants by electrophoresis

The Haematology Laboratory plays a key role in the Institute. It offers diagnostic testing for haematological abnormalities and analyses over 700 bone marrow aspirates annually. It also performs more than 1,130,000 routine haematological tests per year on blood and bodily fluids

The Blood Bank Laboratory performs blood typing, antibody screening and cross- matching. Accordingly, it provides required blood components for patients with various conditions

The Microbiology Laboratory plays an essential role in oncology. Immuno-depressed patients are more prone to infection. Pathogens and their sensitivity to treatments can be identified immediately and accurately

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory offers expertise and services for both diagnosis and research collaboration, especially in the field of infectious diseases (e.g., viral DNA/RNA detection).