by using a multidisciplinary approach to manage the treatment of all patients with solid tumours, by participating actively in new drug development and clinical research, by conducting cutting-edge translational research, and by engaging significantly in teaching activities, the Medical Oncology Clinic fulfils the mission of the institute: care, research and education. PrOF AHMAD AWADA, Head of the Medical Oncology Clinic

Main areas Treatment of solid tumours with chemotherapy, endocrine and biological therapies

Clinical (phase I, II and III trials) and translational research (mainly genomics)

Data management of large, international phase III trials of adjuvant therapy for breast cancer

aPPlieD research The Medical Oncology Clinic has over 30 years of experience in the conduct of phase I, II and III clinical trials. These not only provide optimal treatment and access to new therapies, but represent the process by which effective anticancer drugs receive regulatory approval for use in cancer patients. Clinical trials are particularly important for many types of cancers that respond poorly to cur- rently available anticancer drugs.

A team of 13 research nurses and 2 full-time research physicians play an active role in the daily management of an average of 120 clinical trials of new medical therapies.