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8 trainee doctors specialising in internal medicine

40 trainees in a third and fourth years’ master’s course in medicine


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The Internal Medicine Clinic is integrated into the various departments of the Institute. While its main function is didactic, the Clinic also plays an important role at the patient bedside, whether during the day or at night.

All teaching is based on the review of actual patient cases and discussion in small groups. Logistical support for teaching is provided by the www.pneumocancero.com and www.oncorea.com websites. The Internal Medicine Clinic is also a pioneer in teach- ing evidence-based medicine, which refers to using the latest scientific knowledge to guide treatment decision-making.

Missions Overseeing and training

undergraduates in medicine and post-graduates in internal medicine

Supervising the theses of doctors specialising in internal medicine

Managing and organising shift duty

DePartMental organisation

The medical team consists of 2 internists and 8 assistant specialists working in the different departments of the Institute. The Clinic accommodates 10 trainee medical students and 8 doctors specialising in internal medicine.

Prof Anne-Pascale Meert Internist

Caroline Gustin Training Coordinator

Prof Jean-Paul Sculier Internist-Intensivist, Head of Department

Main areas Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students

Practising and teaching evidence-based medicine

Focus on evidence-based medicine

The teaching of evidence-based medicine at the Institute was initiated by Prof Jean-Paul Sculier. Every year a two-day training course is organised in collaboration with the various experts of the Université Libre de Bruxelle’s medical faculty. Speakers from abroad are also invited. While this event is aimed primarily at doctors who are specialising, it is open to the entire medical profession.