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KeY Figures

Established in 1972, Belgium’s 1st day hospital for cancer patients

11,500 stays in 2010 A multidisciplinary team of 25 specialised professionals serving patients


FielD, technologies anD MethoDs

Anticancer chemotherapies and targeted biotherapies Supportive treatment and medical procedures such as the administration

of bisphosphonates; punctures for pleural effusion or ascites; and trans- fusions of platelets, red blood cells or immunoglobulin

Provision of current informational materials for patients

Missions Maintaining a quality environ-

ment that guarantees the privacy, autonomy and comfort of patients

Preparing and administering anticancer medications in the safest possible conditions

Monitoring the administration of treatment and managing expected and unexpected side effects

Providing patients with com- plete information about their treatments and potential side effects, including how to avoid or to control them

Supervising the administration of innovative forms of treat- ment being clinically tested

DePartMental organisation The Day Hospital’s multidisciplinary team consists of 3 medical oncologists, 12 special- ised nurses, 3 pharmacists, 3 pharmacy assistants, 1 logistical assistant, and 3 secre- taries. Psychologists, dietitians, cosmeticians, social assistants and other healthcare specialists are also at the disposal of patients during their visit to the Day Hospital. The 13 individual rooms are all decorated with different themes inspired from bedrooms found at home.

Dr Dominique de Valeriola Medical Oncologist, Head of Day Hospital

Brigitte Fernez Oncology Nurse

Dr Yassine Lalami Medical Oncologist

Angelina De Beer Pharmacist