Geneviève De Jonghe Oncology Nurse

Denise Cullus Oncology Nurse, Head of Department

Missions Ensuring the continuity of nursing care and the

implementation of treatment in a multidisciplinary environment

Promoting the quality of care Training oncology nurses and students

DePartMental organisation The department comprises 1 director, 2 departmental head nurses, 16 head nurses, 2 nurses in charge of hospital hygiene, 7 Nursing Care Coordinators, nurses responsible for training new team members.

KeY Figures

260 full-time equivalent nurses

80% nurses specialised in oncology

Focus on Nursing Care Coordinators (NCCs) Serving as the link between patient, hospital and health-care teams, NCCs are the nur- ses who coordinate personalised patient care. Mediators par excellence, NCCs are the principal contacts for patients throughout the course of treatment, including the critical time when diagnosis is communicated. Trained coaches specialised in the different types of cancer, NCCs not only plan patient care, but also ensure that patients are able to fol- low their treatment plans with ease.

Main areas Day Hospital & Chemotherapy

Radiotherapy Surgery Intensive care Supportive care Stomal therapy and wound care


We combine empathy, experience and know-how in a multidisciplinary environment. DeniSe CuLLuS, Head of the nursing Department