KeY Figures

65 interventions/ month

20 languages spoken


FielD, technologies anD MethoDs

Interpretation (in triad) Conflict mediation Administrative assistance Supportive discussions

Anne Carlier Coordinator of Quality and Intercultural Mediation

Missions Facilitating the quality of interaction between patients and

the hospital Improving understanding Creating an environment of mutual trust Eliminating obstacles to good communication

DePartMental organisation

5 mediators ensure that these services are available around-the-clock.

introDuction Itself rich in cultural diversity, the Institute has a dynamic intercultural mediation team available to work with patients from various cultures.

Our purpose is to show understanding in our interactions with others, to help overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, and to contribute to a world in which boundaries are removed while differences are respected. Anne CArLier, intercultural Mediation

religion The Institute is a secular establishment. Religion is kept strictly within the private sphere and does not play a role in the hospital’s management. However, out of respect for the religious and philosophical beliefs of its patients, the Institute can provide patients with the assistance of a relgious or secular counselor.