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10 consultations/week with children

15 consultations/week with family members of cancer patients


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The diagnosis of cancer may cause stress, both for patients and their families. The children of cancer patients may have many concerns and sometimes may report psychological problems, such as nightmares, difficulties at school or fear and sadness. To respond adequately to their needs, the Family Unit has developed four programmes:

“Being supported to better support” – Individual psychologi- cal support open to all family members

Bordet ‘n Kids – Weekly creative workshops providing a sup- portive environment for children 3 to 11 years old

Bordet ‘n Teens – An online platform where adolescents can communicate in real-time with psychologists, including by e-mail

Bordet ‘n Parents – Discussion groups organized once a month to help parents or grandparents with cancer to com- municate better with their children or grandchildren about their illness and treatments.

Alexandra Joris Psychologist

Prof Darius Razavi Psychiatrist, Head of Psycho-Oncology Department

Julie Meunier Psychologist

Missions Supporting cancer patients’ families

to help them better cope Helping patients to better

communicate with their families about the various aspects of their cancer treatment

DePartMental organisation The Unit comprises 3 psychologists specialised in psycho-oncology.