A better understanding of cell biology associated with cell therapy will improve the outcomes and quality of life of our patients. Dr LAurenCe LAGneAux, biologist, Head of the Laboratory of Cell therapy

aPPlieD research MSCs are an ideal source for “off-the-shelf” stem cell therapy because of their unique biological properties, including broad differentiation and immunological potential. MSC-based cell therapy is essential in the context of

reconstituting blood cells managing or preventing allogeneic reactions after bone marrow transplantation, such

as graft-versus-host-disease

regenerative medicine (bone regeneration, tissue reconstruction) maximizing tolerance in solid organ transplantation

Focus on The Cord Blood Bank Created by a Belgian inter-university association, the Institute’s cord blood bank activities started in 1994 and now involve 6 maternity units. Cord blood samples donated by mothers are collected, processed, tested and stored in order to treat patients in need of haematopoietic stem cell transplants.

The Laboratory is in the process of obtaining FACT-Netcord accreditation, an internationally recognized quality label. This guarantees that the highest standards are being used for cord blood storage. It improves the quality of transplantations, standardises excellence criteria on an international scale, and facilitates donor search.