Missions The major missions of the Medical Imaging Department are

To provide high quality diag- nostic and therapeutic services using radioactive elements.

To carry out translational and early clinical research, with a particular focus on new targeted treatments.

To deliver high quality pre- and postgraduate teaching in nuclear oncology.

To integrate imaging into the multidisciplinary oriented ap- proach to patient care.

DePartMental organisation

The medical team comprises 4 nuclear medi- cine physicians, 1 radiopharmacist, 2 radio- physicists, 7 imaging technologists and/or nurses, 1 data-nurse and 2 administrative assistants.

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40+ professionals specialised in international breast cancer trials

+/- 17,000 patients enrolled BrEAST-run trials to date

Daily contact with 1,300 hospitals from more than 40 countries


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Many BrEAST trials focus on targeted treatments for HER2-positive breast cancer: HERA demonstrated that 1 year of treatment with trastuzumab significantly improved disease-free and overall survival, leading to the drug being registered in Europe within 5 years of trial launch, a remarkable achievement; Neo-ALTTO, a neoadjuvant study of lapatinib and trastuzumab, showed impressive results for combined treatment and collected over 12,000 biospecimens for future research; ALTTO aims to give definitive answers to questions about how to optimally use lapatinib and trastuzumab; and APHINITY is investigating the highly promising pertuzumab combined with trastuzumab.

Conducting international neoadjuvant or large adjuvant Phase III studies in breast cancer aiming to register new drugs

Setting-up the studies, which are run in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and the Breast International Group, and managing the data collected


DePartMental organ s t on

Created in 1997 by Dr Martine Piccart from the Institute, BrEAST has grown into a team of over 40 individuals, all specialised in breast cancer trials: oncologists, data managers, IT specialists and safety and quality assurance experts, as well as many early-career oncol- ogy fellows from around the world.

in running the highest quality international breast cancer trials, breASt contributes directly to the acceleration of drug development and delivery of benefits to patients. Dr evAnDrO De AzAMbuJA, breASt Medical Director

Stella Dolci Project Manager

Dr Evandro de Azambuja Medical Oncologist, Medical Director