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DePartMental organisation

The Institute’s educational activities are organised around 3 principal areas.

KeY Figures

Over 200 interns in medicine/year 25 to 40 student oncology nurses/year 40 specialists in training/year 6 Fosfom scholarship holders /year 10 medical research fellows/year

introDuction The Institute has achieved a strong reputation for the quality of the education and training it provides: Master’s in Medicine and other degrees, theses in medical sciences, specialisation in oncology for nurses, training in other healthcare disciplines, fellowships, and professional development for doctors from Belgium and abroad. At the national level, the Institute trains students from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), but its programmes are also open to students from other institutions. Many of the Institute’s physicians, nurses and paramedics, including members of the psycho-oncology team, therefore have teaching responsibilities. Teaching takes place in the Institute itself, at the ULB or in other third-level schools.

J-P. Sculier

M. Piccart

G. Andry

M. Lemort

P. Van Houtte

P. Flamen

M. Sosnowski

D. Larsimont

D. Bron

R. van Velthoven

A. Grivegnée

M. Aoun

D. Cullus

O. Van Den Berg

WorK PlaceMent suPerVisors

teaching For students in medicine, surgery, psychology, nursing, and physiotherapy, the courses offered are theoretical and practical. As regards practical training, students contribute to the activities of the Institute in the context of work placement. Each year the Institute accommodates a large number of candidates wishing to specialise in internal medicine, oncology, haematology, pathology, surgery, anaesthesia, radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. Through a special ULB work placement programme (Fosfom Scholarships) the Institute trains non-European doctors wishing to acquire 1 to 2 years’ experience in Europe. The Institute also participates in international university cooperation schemes, an example of which is a haematology teaching programme in Vietnam.