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les aMis De l’institut BorDet The aim of the association Les Amis de l’Institut Bordet (Friends of the Bordet Institute) is primarily to support cancer research conduct- ed at the Institute, but also to contribute to developing the Institute, publicising its mission, and providing moral and material assistance. Founded in the late 1960s, Les Amis today encompasses 10,000 sup- porters. This growth has been made possible because of the dyna- mism and volunteer work of many individuals devoted to the Insti- tute’s cause. Les Amis believes in a collective and multidisciplinary approach to coping with cancer issues, which is consistent with the philosophy of the Institute. The association is an independent charity, the work of which is over- seen by a scientific board and an ethical committee. Each year, the organisation raises an average of 2 million Euros from donations, events and legacies. More than 90% of this budget is dedicated to funding the Institute’s research activities.

Bordet’n Wellness

Bordet’n Wellness is a charity that raises funds to improve patients’ well-being at the Institute. Patients’ quality of life is a key aspect of cancer treatment. Bordet’n Wellness is an initiative of Les Amis. Both charities follow the same strict rules and are governed by the same bodies. The types of projects supported by Bordet’n Wellness are numerous and include:

Premises’ renovation for more pleasant hospital stays Specific services for patients and their families, such as an area

for patients’ children and a wellness centre providing massages and facials

Publications for the general public Support for artistic projects within the hospital

contact Ariane Cambier

Les Amis de l’Institut Bordet

1 rue Héger-Bordet

1000 Brussels

Telephone: +32-2-541.34.11