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 Scientific publications

Does use of intraoperative diclofenac sodium increase postoperative bleeding after prosthetic breast reconstruction ?

Authors : Ben Aziz M, Truong HN, Urbain F, Khalife M
Year : 2018
Journal : International journal of current science research
Volume : 4(11)
Pages : 1668-1686

Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap (D.I.E.P) for Breast Reconstruction: Impact of Intraoperative Intrathecal Morphine on Outcome

Authors : Ben Aziz M, Halenarova K, Schroder E, Kamps V, Paesmans M, Khalife M, Urbain F, Sosnowski M
Year : 2018
Journal : The open access journal of science and technology
Volume : 5
Pages : 11 pages

Lymphatic Drainage of the Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap after Breast Reconstruction.

Authors : Roman M, Bourgeois P, Urbain F
Year : 2017
Journal : Ann Med Health Sci Res
Volume : -
Pages : -

Evaluation of the effect of epidural analgesia on flap healing after breast reconstruction with a pedicled Transverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle(TRAM) : a matched pair analysis.

Authors : Ben Aziz M, Khalife M, Sosnowski M, Urbain F, Aoun F
Year : 2014
Journal : Research
Volume : 1
Pages : 971

Isolation of adipose derived stromal cells without enzymatic treatment: expansion, phenotypical and functional characterization.

Authors : Busser H, De Bruyn C, Urbain F, Najar M, Pieters K, Raicevic G, Meuleman N, Bron D, Lagneaux L
Year : 2014
Journal : Stem Cells Dev.
Volume : 23(19)
Pages : 2390-2400