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The New Jules Bordet Institute.

The New Jules Bordet Institute, located on the university campus of the ULB in Anderlecht, is ready and will soon welcome its first patients. A new state-of-the-art hospital entirely dedicated to the fight against cancer.

Delivery of the first MRI-Linac 1.5 Tesla in Belgium to the Radiotherapy Department of the New Jules Bordet Institute!

This very latest radiotherapy equipment combines the benefits of a linear particle accelerator and the precision of an MRI system. It will enable the Institute to adapt treatment on a daily basis as a tumour evolves and thereby protect healthy tissue to a maximum. One more step towards perfecting our cancer treatment and the precision of our patient care.


Exposure to the sun, the essential reflexes

Are you going on holiday this summer? Are you planning to make the most of the good weather this summer? Dr Sales reminds us of the essential reflexes to have before exposing ourselves to the sun.

The health crisis is a good opportunity to stop smoking.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day the Jules Bordet Institute is making the connection between Covid-19 and stopping smoking. Martial Bodo, tobacco addiction specialist at the Jules Bordet Institute, explains why this crisis is the right time to rid ourselves of the addiction.

Meeting at the end of November 2021 on the ULB campus in Anderlecht!

The new Institut Jules Bordet, a building for the practice of medical excellence now and in the future. Meeting at the end of November 2021 on the ULB campus in Anderlecht.

Journée mondiale contre le cancer, le Pr Awada fait le point sur les défis de la cancérologie

A l’occasion de la Journée mondiale contre le cancer. Le Pr Ahmad Awada, Chef du Service de Médecine Oncologique de l’Institut Bordet, fait le point sur les grands challenges de la cancérologie aujourd’hui. 
Le développement de nouveaux médicaments, la personnalisation croissante des traitements -et, avec elle, la désescalade thérapeutique-, la détection de la maladie résiduelle ou encore un meilleur accompagnement du patient et de ses proches… autant de raisons d’espérer mais aussi de défis à relever.

A la découverte du nouvel Institut Jules Bordet

Le samedi 30 janvier dernier, les membres du personnel de l’Institut ont pu visiter pour la première fois leur nouvel hôpital qui entrera en fonction fin de l’année. Découvertes des installations, premières impressions et interviews de celles et ceux qui ont participé au projet.


Message of support for patients at the Jules Bordet Institute

Exclusive images of the new Jules Bordet Institute!

Watch the video and discover the major project for the new Jules Bordet Institute. Magnificent images of the construction work on the   80,000 m² dedicated exclusively to cancer are accompanied by explanations on how the project was conceived to combine excellence of patient care with optimal well-being for patients and care staff.

Tumour bank

How to easily participate in cancer research? 

« Chronos & Kairos » : Anticipating the future

The film "Chronos & Kairos" presents the eponymous study carried out by the GUTS (Gastrointestinal Unit Translational Science Research) research group.  By regularly collecting tumour, stool and blood samples, this study aims to compile a clinical and biological database that is able to describe and understand the clinical development of each patient. This database will make it possible to provide information of incalculable value in understanding the mechanisms involved in the development of the disease and resistance to treatment. The video was produced in cooperation with Sunfishing Creations and won the Silver Dolphin at the 10th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (2019).

The clinical study Pepita

Despite being the standard of care in stage III colon cancer, FOLFOX chemotherapy is associated with high toxicities. The importance of the PePiTA study is to individualize the treatment and avoid toxicities in patients that do not respond to FOLFOX by searching for genomic and imaging biomarkers of non-response.


Ancré au cœur des quartiers de la région bruxelloise, "iris" est le réseau hospitalier le plus important de Belgique, et se veut avant tout proche de vous, proche de chacun d’entre vous. Il y a toujours un hôpital iris près de chez vous.


Le réseau iris compte 5 hôpitaux…
Nos équipes en sont le cœur…
Soignant tout le monde, jour et nuit…