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 Scientific publications

Immunotherapy in gynecological cancers: where are we?

Authors : Polastro L, Closset C, Kerger J
Year : 2020
Journal : Curr Opin Oncol

MOMENTUM: A Phase I Trial Investigating 2 Schedules of Capecitabine With Aflibercept in Patients With Gastrointestinal and Breast Cancer.

Authors : Camera S, Deleporte A, Bregni G, Trevisi E, Pretta A, Telli TA, Polastro L, Gombos A, Kayumba A, Ameye L, Piccart-Gebhart M, Awada A, Sclafani F, Hendlisz A
Year : 2020
Journal : Clin Colorectal Cancer

A radical approach to achieve complete cytoreductive surgery improve survival of patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Authors : Liberale G, Pop CF, Polastro L, Kerger J, Moreau M, Chintinne M, Larsimont D, Nogaret JM, Veys I
Year : 2020
Journal : J Visc Surg
Volume : 157
Pages : 79-86

Pseudoadjuvant chemotherapy in resectable metastatic colorectal cancer.

Authors : Polastro L, El Hachem G, Hendlisz A
Year : 2018
Journal : Curr Opin Oncol
Volume : 30(4)
Pages : 269-275

Results of the Belgian expanded access program of eribulin in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer closely mirror those of the pivotal phase III trial.

Authors : Aftimos P, Polastro L, Ameye L, Jungels C, Vakili J, Paesmans M, van den Eerenbeemt J, Buttice A, Gombos A, de Valeriola D, Gil T, Piccart-Gebhart M, Awada A
Year : 2016
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 60
Pages : 117-124

Eribulin Mesylate in the management of metastatic breast cancer and other solid cancers: a drug review.

Authors : Polastro L, Aftimos P, Awada A
Year : 2014
Journal : Expert Rev Anticancer Ther
Volume : 14(6)
Pages : 649-65

Cardiac metastase of a soft tissue sarcoma: a case report and a review of the literature.

Authors : Polastro L, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N, Lemort M, Delhaye F, Awada A
Year : 2014
Journal : Rev Med Brux
Volume : 35(6)
Pages : 499-503