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 Scientific publications

CYAD-01, an autologous NKG2D-based CAR T-cell therapy, in relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes or multiple myeloma (THINK): haematological cohorts of the dose escalation segment of a phase 1 trial.

Authors : Sallman DA, Kerre T, Havelange V, Poiré X, Lewalle P, Wang ES, Brayer JB, Davila ML, Moors I, Machiels JP, Awada A, Alcantar-Orozco EM, Borissova R, Braun N, Dheur MS, Gilham DE, Lonez C, Lehmann FF, Flament A
Year : 2023
Journal : Lancet Haematol

Challenges and knowledge gaps with immune checkpoint inhibitors monotherapy in the management of patients with non-small-cell lung cancer: a survey of oncologist perceptions.

Authors : Castelo-Branco L, Morgan G, Prelaj A, Scheffler M, Canhão H, van Meerbeeck JP, Awada A
Year : 2023
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 8
Pages : 100764

PIK3CA copy number gain and inhibitors of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway in triple-negative breast cancer.

Authors : Amato O, Buisseret L, Gebhart G, Plouznikoff N, Larsimont D, Awada A, Piccart M, Aftimos P
Year : 2023
Journal : Cold Spring Harb Mol Case Stud

How I treat endocrine-dependent metastatic breast cancer.

Authors : Gombos A, Goncalves A, Curigliano G, Bartsch R, Kyte JA, Ignatiadis M, Awada A
Year : 2023
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 8
Pages : 100882

Streamlining clinical research: an ESMO awareness call to improve sponsoring and monitoring of clinical trials.

Authors : Perez-Gracia JL, Penel N, Calvo E, Awada A, Arkenau HT, Amaral T, Grünwald V, Sanmamed MF, Castelo-Branco L, Bodoky G, Lolkema MP, Di Nicola M, Casali P, Giuliani R, Pentheroudakis G
Year : 2023
Journal : Ann Oncol
Volume : 34
Pages : 70-77

Regorafenib Induces Senescence and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Colorectal Cancer to Promote Drug Resistance.

Authors : Kehagias P, Kindt N, Krayem M, Najem A, Agostini G, Acedo Reina E, Bregni G, Sclafani F, Journe F, Awada A, Ghanem GE, Hendlisz A
Year : 2022
Journal : Cells
Volume : 11

Identification of HMGA2 as a predictive biomarker of response to bintrafusp alfa in a phase 1 trial in patients with advanced triple-negative breast cancer.

Authors : Spira A, Awada A, Isambert N, Lorente D, Penel N, Zhang Y, Ojalvo LS, Hicking C, Rolfe PA, Ihling C, Dussault I, Locke G, Borel C
Year : 2022
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 12
Pages : 981940

First-In-Human Effects of PPT1 Inhibition Using the Oral Treatment with GNS561/Ezurpimtrostat in Patients with Primary and Secondary Liver Cancers.

Authors : Harding JJ, Awada A, Roth G, Decaens T, Merle P, Kotecki N, Dreyer C, Ansaldi C, Rachid M, Mezouar S, Menut A, Bestion EN, Paradis V, Halfon P, Abou-Alfa GK, Raymond E
Year : 2022
Journal : Liver Cancer
Volume : 11
Pages : 268-277

Circulating Tumor DNA After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Is Associated With Disease Relapse.

Authors : Cailleux F, Agostinetto E, Lambertini M, Rothé F, Wu HT, Balcioglu M, Kalashnikova E, Vincent D, Viglietti G, Gombos A, Papagiannis A, Veys I, Awada A, Sethi H, Aleshin A, Larsimont D, Sotiriou C, Venet D, Ignatiadis M
Year : 2022
Journal : JCO Precis Oncol
Volume : 6
Pages : e2200148

Immune response to anti-SARS-CoV-2 prime-vaccination in patients with cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Authors : Martins-Branco D, Nader-Marta G, Tecic Vuger A, Debien V, Ameye L, Brandão M, Punie K, Loizidou A, Willard-Gallo K, Spilleboudt C, Awada A, Piccart M, de Azambuja E
Year : 2022
Journal : J Cancer Res Clin Oncol
Pages : 1-6

Lurbinectedin in patients with pretreated neuroendocrine tumours: Results from a phase II basket study.

Authors : Longo-Muñoz F, Castellano D, Alexandre J, Chawla SP, Fernández C, Kahatt C, Alfaro V, Siguero M, Zeaiter A, Moreno V, Sanz-García E, Awada A, Santaballa A, Subbiah V
Year : 2022
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 172
Pages : 340-348

Corrigendum to 'p53 Reactivation by PRIMA-1Met (APR-246) sensitises V600E/KBRAF melanoma to vemurafenib'[Eur J of Cancer 55 (2016) 98-110].

Authors : Krayem M, Journe F, Wiedig M, Morandini R, Najem A, Salès F, Van Kempen LC, Sibille C, Awada A, Marine JC, Ghanem G
Year : 2022
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 175
Pages : 336-338

PRECISION: the Belgian molecular profiling program of metastatic cancer for clinical decision and treatment assignment.

Authors : Thouvenin J, Van Marcke C, Decoster L, Raicevic G, Punie K, Vandenbulcke M, Salgado R, Van Valckenborgh E, Maes B, Joris S, Steichel DV, Vranken K, Jacobs S, Dedeurwaerdere F, Martens G, Devos H, Duhoux FP, Rasschaert M, Pauwels P, Geboes K, Collignon J, Tejpar S, Canon JL, Peeters M, Rutten A, Van de Mooter T, Vermeij J, Schrijvers D, Demey W, Lybaert W, Van Huysse J, Mebis J, Awada A, Claes KBM, Hebrant A, Van der Meulen J, Delafontaine B, Bempt IV, Maetens J, de Hemptinne M, Rottey S, Aftimos P, De Grève J
Year : 2022
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 7
Pages : 100524

Efficacy of tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of patients with HER2-positive breast cancer with brain metastases: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Authors : Nader-Marta G, Martins-Branco D, Agostinetto E, Bruzzone M, Ceppi M, Danielli L, Lambertini M, Kotecki N, Awada A, de Azambuja E
Year : 2022
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 7
Pages : 100501

Incidental finding of solitary fibrous tumor of male breast: case report and review of literature.

Authors : El-Helou E, Zaiter M, Hoang H, Lelie B, Larsimont D, Awada A, Grosu F, Veys I, Pop CF
Year : 2022
Journal : Rom J Morphol Embryol
Volume : 63
Pages : 653-657

First-in-human phase 1 dose-escalation study of CAN04, a first-in-class interleukin-1 receptor accessory protein (IL1RAP) antibody in patients with solid tumours.

Authors : Robbrecht D, Jungels C, Sorensen MM, Spanggaard I, Eskens F, Fretland SØ, Guren TK, Aftimos P, Liberg D, Svedman C, Thorsson L, Steeghs N, Awada A
Year : 2022
Journal : Br J Cancer
Volume : 126
Pages : 1010-1017

Belgian expert consensus for tumor-agnostic treatment of NTRK gene fusion-driven solid tumors with larotrectinib.

Authors : Awada A, Berghmans T, Clement PM, Cuppens K, De Wilde B, Machiels JP, Pauwels P, Peeters M, Rottey S, van Cutsem E
Year : 2022
Journal : Crit Rev Oncol Hematol
Volume : 169
Pages : 103564

FUS::CREM-rearranged malignant epithelioid neoplasm mimicking neuroendocrine neoplasm of unknown primary.

Authors : Demetter P, Awada A, Aftimos P, Liberale G, Jungels C, Gomez-Galdon M, Saiselet M, de Saint Aubain N
Year : 2022
Journal : Histopathology
Volume : 80
Pages : 871-873

Molecular oncology: what is needed to speed access to innovative therapies in clinical research?

Authors : Gourari K, Awada A, Kotecki N
Year : 2022
Journal : Curr Opin Oncol
Volume : 34
Pages : 575-578

First-In-Human Phase I Study of the OX40 Agonist MOXR0916 in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors.

Authors : Kim TW, Burris HA, de Miguel Luken MJ, Pishvaian MJ, Bang YJ, Gordon M, Awada A, Camidge DR, Hodi FS, McArthur GA, Miller WH, Cervantes A, Chow LQ, Lesokhin AM, Rutten A, Sznol M, Rishipathak D, Chen SC, Stefanich E, Pourmohamad T, Anderson M, Kim J, Huseni M, Rhee I, Siu LL
Year : 2022
Journal : Clin Cancer Res
Volume : 28
Pages : 3452-3463