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 Scientific publications

Study protocol comparing the ethical, psychological and socio-economic impact of personalised breast cancer screening to that of standard screening in the My Personal Breast Screening" (MyPeBS) randomised clinical trial."

Authors : Roux A, Cholerton R, Sicsic J, Moumjid N, French DP, Giorgi Rossi P, Balleyguier C, Guindy M, Gilbert FJ, Burrion JB, Castells X, Ritchie D, Keatley D, Baron C, Delaloge S, de Montgolfier S
Year : 2022
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 22
Pages : 507

Analysing the attributes of Comprehensive Cancer Centres and Cancer Centres across Europe to identify key hallmarks.

Authors : Kehrloesser S, Oberst S, Westerhuis W, Wendler A, Wind A, Blaauwgeers H, Burrion JB, Nagy P, Saeter G, Gustafsson E, De Paoli P, Lovey J, Lombardo C, Philip T, de Valeriola D, Docter M, Boomsma F, Saghatchian M, Svoboda M, Philip I, Monetti F, Hummel H, McVie G, Otter R, Van Harten W
Year : 2021
Journal : Mol Oncol
Volume : 15
Pages : 1277-1288

AI for reading screening mammograms: the need for circumspection.

Authors : Autier P, Burrion JB, Grivegnée AR
Year : 2020
Journal : Eur Radiol
Volume : 30
Pages : 4783-4784

100 European core quality standards for cancer care and research centres.

Authors : Oberst S, Van Harten W, Saeter G, De Paoli P, Nagy P, Burrion JB, Lovey J, Philip T
Year : 2020
Journal : Lancet Oncol
Volume : 21
Pages : 1009-1011

Breast cancer screening : present situation and prospects.

Authors : Burrion JB
Year : 2018
Journal : Rev Med Brux
Volume : 39
Pages : 406-409