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Clinic of infectious diseases

The objective of the infectious diseases clinic at the Institut Jules Bordet is to prevent and treat the infectious complications occurring in cancer patients, whether they are connected with the cancer itself or with its treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, etc.)

Our team

Head of Clinic
Dr Aspasia Georgala
(Secretary : Nathalie Cardinal)

Head of Clinic adjunct
Dr Angela Loizidou
Dr Michaela Raimo

Dr Michaela Raimo
Vanessa Coubeaux (research nurse)


 Scientific publications

Time-Dependent COVID-19 Mortality in Patients With Cancer: An Updated Analysis of the OnCovid Registry.

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Antimicrobial susceptibility testing determined by Alfred 60/AST (Alifax®) in a multi-sites lab: performance's evaluation and optimization of workflow.

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A Rare Case of Hepatic Vanishing Bile Duct Syndrome Occurring after Combination Therapy with Nivolumab and Cabozantinib in a Patient with Renal Carcinoma.

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PARIS score for evaluation of probability of SARS-CoV-2 infection in cancer patients.

Authors : Gueuning C, Ameye L, Loizidou A, Grigoriu B, Meert AP
Year : 2022
Journal : Support Care Cancer
Volume : 30
Pages : 7635-7643