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The Jules Bordet Institute’s pharmacy fulfils  a number of roles: 

  • Supplying the care units with medicines and medical devices while ensuring that the professional and legal standards for the use of pharmaceutical products are respected. 
  • The production of sterile preparations of anti-cancer treatment for injection while guaranteeing their quality and safety. 
  • Supplying outpatients with anticancer treatment that is “reserved for hospital use” on the basis of a prescription during the Pharmacy opening hours (see opening hours above).  
  • Providing information and advice on the correct use of medicines.


The Pharmacy has a team of about 35 persons. It is subdivided into 4 departments

Head of department : Christine Danguy

  • Pharmaceutical oncology care and radiopharmacy
    • Laurence Alexandre, Deputy head
    • Adeline Bodar, Assistant pharmacist
    • Aaron Ntinradenkura, Assistant pharmacist
    • Nathalie Wellens, Assistant pharmacist
    • Maxime Renguet, Assistant pharmacist
  • General pharmaceutical care
    • Delphine Beghin, Deputy head
    • Coralie Deliens, Assistant pharmacist
    • Francesco Genduso, Assistant pharmacist
    • Pascale Vanbeneden, Assistant pharmacist
  • Equipment and technical platforms
    • Marie-Valentine Sory, Deputy head
  • Clinical studies
    • Garance Scolas, Deputy head
    • Angelic Bryla, Assistant pharmacist