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Neo-CheckRay: radiation therapy and adenosine pathway blockade to increase benefit of immuno-chemotherapy in early stage luminal B breast cancer, a randomized phase II trial.

Authors : De Caluwé A, Buisseret L, Poortmans P, Van Gestel D, Salgado R, Sotiriou C, Larsimont D, Paesmans M, Craciun L, Drisis S, Vandekerckhove C, Reyal F, Veys I, Eiger D, Piccart-Gebhart M, Romano E, Ignatiadis M
Year : 2021
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 21
Pages : 899

Myeloid tumor necrosis factor and heme oxygenase-1 regulate the progression of colorectal liver metastases during hepatic ischemia-reperfusion.

Authors : Germanova D, Keirsse J, Köhler A, Hastir JF, Demetter P, Delbauve S, Elkrim Y, Verset L, Larbanoix L, Preyat N, Laurent S, Nedospasov S, Donckier V, Van Ginderachter JA, Flamand V
Year : 2021
Journal : Int J Cancer
Volume : 148
Pages : 1276-1288

Copy Number Aberration Analysis to Predict Response to Neoadjuvant Anti-HER2 Therapy: Results from the NeoALTTO Phase III Clinical Trial.

Authors : Venet D, Rediti M, Maetens M, Fumagalli D, Brown DN, Majjaj S, Salgado R, Pusztai L, Harbeck N, El-Abed S, Wang Y, Saura C, Gomez H, Semiglazov VF, de Azambuja E, Huober J, Nuciforo P, Di Cosimo S, Piccart M, Loi S, Rothé F, Sotiriou C
Year : 2021
Journal : Clin Cancer Res
Volume : 27
Pages : 5607-5618

Metaplastic spiradenocarcinoma: Report of two cases with sarcomatous differentiation.

Authors : Held L, Ruetten A, Saggini A, Kempter W, Tiedke C, Weber-Kuhn S, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N, Mentzel T
Year : 2021
Journal : J Cutan Pathol
Volume : 48
Pages : 384-389

Osteoid Osteoma: A Unique Presentation in a Child's Lesser Toe.

Authors : Bellemans M, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N, Lê PQ
Year : 2021
Journal : Case Rep Orthop
Volume : 2021
Pages : 8876584

Circulating Tumor DNA to Interrogate the Safety of Letrozole-Associated Controlled Ovarian Stimulation for Fertility Preservation in Breast Cancer Patients.

Authors : Rothé F, Lambertini M, Goldrat O, Maetens M, Bareche Y, Blanc J, Rouas G, Larsimont D, Sotiriou C, Ignatiadis M, Demeestere I
Year : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pages : 686625

Inferior epigastric artery lymph nodes: A pathway for systemic dissemination from peritoneal carcinomatosis?

Authors : El Asmar A, Veys I, Larsimont D, Donckier V, Liberale G
Year : 2021
Journal : J Surg Oncol
Volume : 123
Pages : 311-314

Prognostic Significance of a Scoring System Combining p16, Smoking, and Drinking Status in a Series of 131 Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancers.

Authors : Bouland C, Dequanter D, Lechien JR, Hanssens C, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N, Digonnet A, Javadian R, Yanni A, Rodriguez A, Loeb I, Journe F, Saussez S
Year : 2021
Journal : Int J Otolaryngol
Volume : 2021
Pages : 8020826

Absence of residual fluorescence in the surgical bed at near-infrared fluorescence imaging predicts negative margins at final pathology in patients treated with breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer.

Authors : Pop FC, Veys I, Vankerckhove S, Barbieux R, Chintinne M, Moreau M, Donckier V, Larsimont D, Bourgeois P, Liberale G
Year : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pages : 269-275

FDG positron emission tomography imaging and ctDNA detection as an early dynamic biomarker of everolimus efficacy in advanced luminal breast cancer.

Authors : Gombos A, Venet D, Ameye L, Vuylsteke P, Neven P, Richard V, Duhoux FP, Laes JF, Rothe F, Sotiriou C, Paesmans M, Awada A, Guiot T, Flamen P, Piccart-Gebhart M, Ignatiadis M, Gebhart G
Year : 2021
Journal : NPJ Breast Cancer
Volume : 7
Pages : 125

Lessons learned about appendiceal neuroendocrine neoplasms from data analysis of the Belgian Cancer Registry 2010-2015.

Authors : Ribeiro S, De Maeyer F, De Man M, Carton S, Cuyle PJ, Verslype C, Borbath I, Demetter P, Van Damme N, Van Eycken L, Vandamme T, Hoorens A, Geboes K
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Gastroenterol Belg
Volume : 84
Pages : 458-466

Accuracy and other quality indicators of solid pancreatic mass endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration and biopsy in two academic endoscopy centers.

Authors : Figueiredo M, Arvanitakis M, Zaarour A, Toussaint E, Devière J, Van Laethem JL, Gomez-Galdon M, Verset L, Demetter P, Eisendrath P
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Gastroenterol Belg
Volume : 84
Pages : 451-455

Successful treatment of synchronous chemoresistant pulmonary metastasis from pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma with stereotaxic body radiation therapy: A case report and a review of the literature.

Authors : Benkhaled S, Mané M, Jungels C, Shumelinsky F, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N, Van Gestel D
Year : 2021
Journal : Cancer Treat Res Commun
Volume : 26
Pages : 100282

Quality of pathology reporting and adherence to guidelines in rectal neuroendocrine neoplasms: a Belgian national study.

Authors : Waked B, De Maeyer F, Carton S, Pieter-Jan C, Vandamme T, Verslype C, Demetter P, Borbath I, Van Eycken L, Hoorens A, Geboes K, Van Damme N, Ribeiro S
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Clin Belg
Pages : 1-9

Rationale and design of REGINA, a phase II trial of neoadjuvant regorafenib, nivolumab, and short-course radiotherapy in stage II and III rectal cancer.

Authors : Bregni G, Vandeputte C, Pretta A, Senti C, Trevisi E, Acedo Reina E, Kehagias P, Liberale G, Moretti L, Bali MA, Demetter P, Flamen P, Carrasco J, DHondt L, Geboes K, Gokburun Y, Peeters M, Van den Eynde M, Van Laethem JL, Vergauwe P, Chapot CA, Buyse M, Deleporte A, Hendlisz A, Sclafani F
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta oncol (Stockholm)
Volume : 60
Pages : 549-553

Fluorescent Multiplex Immunohistochemistry Coupled With Other State-Of-The-Art Techniques to Systematically Characterize the Tumor Immune Microenvironment.

Authors : Boisson A, Noël G, Saiselet M, Rodrigues-Vitória J, Thomas N, Fontsa ML, Sofronii D, Naveaux C, Duvillier H, Craciun L, Larsimont D, Awada A, Detours V, Willard-Gallo K, Garaud S
Year : 2021
Journal : Front Mol Biosci
Volume : 8
Pages : 673042

Implementation of colonoscopy quality monitoring in a Belgian university hospital with integrated computer-based extraction of adenoma detection rate.

Authors : Ouazzani S, Lemmers A, Martinez F, Kindt R, Le Moine O, Delhaye M, Arvanitakis M, Demetter P, Devière J, Eisendrath P
Year : 2021
Journal : Endosc Int Open
Volume : 9
Pages : E197-E202

FUS-CREM-rearranged malignant epithelioid neoplasm mimicking neuroendocrine neoplasm of unknown primary.

Authors : Demetter P, Awada A, Aftimos P, Liberale G, Jungels C, Gomez-Galdon M, Saiselet M, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N
Year : 2021
Journal : Histopathology

Asymmetric labium majus enlargement in an adult: A case report.

Authors : Prokurotaite E, Sirtaine N, Buxant F
Year : 2021
Journal : Case Rep Womens Health
Volume : 33
Pages : e00369

Isolated oesophageal Crohn's disease mimicking oesophageal carcinoma treated by Merendino procedure.

Authors : Al Zoghby S, Bohlok A, Moschopoulos C, Toussaint E, Verset L, Demetter P, El Nakadi I
Year : 2021
Journal : Ann R Coll Surg Engl