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Breast Cancer Translational Research Laboratory J.C. Heuson


The aim of the Institut Bordet J.-C. Heuson Breast Cancer Translational Research Laboratory (BCTL) is to facilitate the transfer of scientific discoveries about breast cancer that are made in the laboratory into clinical practice. It seeks to improve the molecular characterisation of breast cancer through the use of leading-edge technologies. A particular objective is to improve understanding of the biology of these cancers and of the mechanisms involved in resistance to treatment.

Research Projects

The various projects of the laboratory are funded by : Les Amis de l’Institut Bordet, FNRS, FNRS-Télévie, Fondation contre le Cancer, Breast Cancer Research Fondation (BCRF), Fonds Julie et Françoise Drion.

Project 1

Characterization of endocrine resistant Luminal Breast Cancer using spatial transcriptomics AND epigenetic Analysis 
  • Project leader(s) : Christos Sotiriou, Françoise Rothé and Mattia Rediti
  • Collaborations : 
    • Dr François Fuks, Laboratory of Cancer Epigenetics, ULB-Cancer Research Center (U-CRC), Université libre de Bruxelles
    •  Prof Lundeberg at the SciLife laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden
    • Dr Frédérick Libert, ULB/VUB Brightcore sequencing facility

Project 2

  • Project leader(s) : Christos Sotiriou, Françoise Rothé
  • Collaborations : 
    • Prof. Lundeberg at the SciLife laboratory (Stockholm, Sweden)
    • Dr Frédérick Libert, ULB/VUB Brightcore sequencing facility

Project 3

Tracking tumor evolution and distant recurrence in breast cancer by modeling tumor dormancy and the molecular clock rate

Project 4

Uncovering the immune landscape of breast cancer 

Project 5


Our team

Head of BCTL
Prof Christos Sotiriou, MD PhD

Françoise Rothé, PhD, Doctor of Sciences
Floriane Dupont, PhD Student (Biomedical Sciences)
Mattia Rediti, PhD Student (Biomedical Sciences)
Mariana Brandao, Research Fellow
Xiao Xiao Wang, PhD Student (Biomedical Sciences)
Andrea Joaquin Garcia, PhD Student (Bioinformatics)
David Venet, PhD, Post-Doc Bioinformatics
David Gacquer, Post-Doc Bioinformatics
Laurence Buisseret, PhD, Post-Doc Bioinformatics
Danai Fimereli, PhD, Post-Doc Bioinformatics
Samira Majjaj, Technician
Ghizlane Rouas, Technician
Delphine Vincent, Technician
Alfonsa Laragione, Technician
Matteo Serra, PhD Student (Bioinformatics)
Laetitia Collet, Medical fellow
Ismahene Mesnah, Phd Student
Frédérick Cailleux, PhD, Post-Doc
Andreas Papagiannis, Phd Student (Bioinformatics)

Administrative assistant
Loteda Hasku


 Scientific publications

Predictive Biomarkers for Response to Immunotherapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Promises and Challenges.

Authors : Wang X, Collet L, Rediti M, Debien V, De Caluwé A, Venet D, Romano E, Rothé F, Sotiriou C, Buisseret L
Year : 2023
Journal : J Clin Med
Volume : 12

Genomics of metastatic breast cancer

Authors : Geukens T, De Schepper M, Richard F, Maetens M, Van Baelen K, Leduc S, Isnaldi E, Nguyen HL, Bachir I, Vandenberghe E, Van den Bogaert W, Punie K, Neven P, Wildiers H, Floris G, Desmedt C
Year : 2022
Journal : Belgian J Medical Oncology
Volume : 16(1)
Pages : 18-28

Adaptive immune signature in HER2-positive breast cancer in NCCTG (Alliance) N9831 and NeoALTTO trials.

Authors : Chumsri S, Li Z, Serie DJ, Norton N, Mashadi-Hossein A, Tenner K, Brauer HA, Warren S, Danaher P, Colon-Otero G, Partridge AH, Carey LA, Hilbers F, van Dooren V, Holmes E, Di Cosimo S, Werner O, Huober JB, Dueck AC, Sotiriou C, Saura C, Moreno-Aspitia A, Knutson KL, Perez EA, Thompson EA
Year : 2022
Journal : NPJ Breast Cancer
Volume : 8
Pages : 68

Histopathological growth patterns of liver metastasis: updated consensus guidelines for pattern scoring, perspectives and recent mechanistic insights.

Authors : Latacz E, Höppener D, Bohlok A, Leduc S, Tabariès S, Fernández Moro C, Lugassy C, Nyström H, Bozóky B, Floris G, Geyer N, Brodt P, Llado L, Van Mileghem L, De Schepper M, Majeed AW, Lazaris A, Dirix P, Zhang Q, Petrillo SK, Vankerckhove S, Joye I, Meyer Y, Gregorieff A, Roig NR, Vidal-Vanaclocha F, Denis L, Oliveira RC, Metrakos P, Grünhagen DJ, Nagtegaal ID, Mollevi DG, Jarnagin WR, DAngelica MI, Reynolds AR, Doukas M, Desmedt C, Dirix L, Donckier V, Siegel PM, Barnhill R, Gerling M, Verhoef C, Vermeulen PB
Year : 2022
Journal : Br J Cancer
Volume : 127
Pages : 988-1013

Improving Infinium MethylationEPIC data processing: re-annotation of enhancers and long noncoding RNA genes and benchmarking of normalization methods.

Authors : Bizet M, Defrance M, Calonne E, Bontempi G, Sotiriou C, Fuks F, Jeschke J
Year : 2022
Journal : Epigenetics
Volume : 17
Pages : 2434-2454