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The New Jules Bordet Institute, 10,000 m² dedicated to cancer research


The New Jules Bordet Institute, 10,000 m² dedicated to cancer research

The 4th floor of the new Jules Bordet Institute will be devoted entirely to translational research to combat cancer with the aim of arriving at a better understanding of cancer pathology in the interests of improved treatment, in particular by actively studying its functioning and the interaction between the cancer cells and the tumour microenvironment. The research laboratory platform will also have new high- tech acquisitions in tissue imaging, cellular biology, microdissection and tumour genome sequencing.  These will be shared between all the researchers. New units and strengthened teams will be available to clinical research, thereby improving and personalising treatment but also permitting the development of new anti-cancer medicines of increasing effectiveness in combating tumours. The presence in the new Jules Bordet Institute of research areas in close proximity to the hospitalisation floors and units brings researchers to the heart of medical practice and to the patient’s bedside. This organization favours multidisciplinarity and exchanges between researchers and doctors with a view to enabling patients to benefit from the most innovative and personalised anti-tumour treatment available.

Imagine on one hand doctors battling at their patients’ bedside to force back the cancer and then on the other side of the wall laboratory researchers who are studying cancer from all angles : translational research is this ‘bridge’ that enables the two to meet, to share their observations and to define the hypotheses to be tested on both sides. In the new Jules Bordet Institute this bridge will not be a fragile wooden walkway but a vast meeting space that must ‘catalyze’ major discoveries for our patients.“  Professor Martine Piccart, Scientific Director.

The Jules Bordet Institute, an integrated reference centre in the fight against cancer, is ready to welcome you from November 2021 on the site of the ULB in Anderlecht.

New Bordet   New Bordet  

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