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2018 Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award

Press release (23/11/2018) 

Prix Bob PinedoProfessor Martine Piccart receives the 2018 Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award in the Netherlands.

23/11/2018 - This 22 November, Professor Martine Piccart, Director of Scientific Research at the Jules Bordet Institute, received the 2018 Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. This award is in recognition of her major scientific contribution in the field of breast cancer, its treatment and clinical cancer research.

 The Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award from the KNAW (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen) is awarded every two years to a scientist for outstanding work in the fight against cancer. It is named after Bob Pinedo, the Dutch oncologist and researcher. The winner of this prestigious award receives the sum of 100.000 euros to be dedicated to scientific research activities. 

The major contribution of Professor Martine Piccart in breast cancer research has been illustrated many times over. She was the founder of the Breast International Group (BIG), the world's largest clinical research network for breast cancer. Thanks to this network she was able to initiate research proving the effectiveness of a combination of chemotherapy and Traztuzumab in treating HER2 + breast cancers. This protein recognizes cancer cells, attaches itself to them and prevents them from growing and dividing. Treatment of this kind makes it possible to achieve a 40% reduction in the risks of reappearance of the disease and therefore of deaths due to this type of cancer. Professor Piccart is the driving force behind many studies, including most recently AURORA that is investigating the molecular causes in metastatic breast cancers. 

This award is well deserved recognition for her work and her undisputed contribution to breast cancer research and forms of treatment.

Attached : foto of Professor Martine Piccart receiving the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care award 2018, Symposium Cancer Center Amsterdam, Amstelzaal, UMC Amsterdam, Location VUMC.