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Europe on a mission against cancer


Europe on a mission against cancer

Martine Piccart
Professor Martine Piccart, member of the group of experts for a "European Master Plan" to fight cancer

In the framework of the Horizon-Europe 2021-2027 programme to develop Research and Innovation, the fight against cancer was identified as one of the major challenges of the future. A group of 15 European experts was appointed to put into place lasting and specific strategies. One of these experts is Professor Martine Piccart, Scientific Director at the Jules Bordet Institute, the reference centre in the fight against cancer.    

The Horizon-Europe programme
In 2019, the European Commission unveiled the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 framework programme for Research and Innovation.  The aim is to strengthen growth and prosperity in Europe through the sectors of science and technology.  With a budget of 100 billion euros and the creation of groups of experts, the European Union plans to meet global challenges in crucial fields such as health, the ageing population, security, pollution and climate change. Alongside essential considerations relating to climate change and ecology in particular, the importance of cancer research is also on the agenda. 

A "European Master Plan" in the fight against cancer
Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or social status. It represents a tremendous burden for patients, families and society in general.* What is more, the annual number of newly diagnosed cancer cases is set to rise from the present 4.2 to 5.2 million by 2040. An alarming figure that has prompted the European Union to pool its strengths in fighting cancer with the aim of developing lasting and specific strategies for the prevention, treatment and follow-up of cancer that will have a measurable impact during the next five to seven years. To put these strategies into place and have a  tangible impact on the fight against cancer in the European Union, 15 European experts have been selected to work together during one year to guide the European Commission in identifying the priority actions to be financed between 2021 and 2027. One of these experts is the Scientific Director at the Jules Bordet Institute: Professor Martine Piccart.

About Professor Martine Piccart
Professor Martine Piccart is Scientific Director at the Jules Bordet Institute and founder of the BIG or "Breast International Group", the world's biggest clinical research network for breast cancer. Professor Piccart's major scientific contribution in the field of breast cancer, its treatment and clinical research against cancer needs no further illustration. "This 'cancer' mission has ambitious goals: our task will be difficult but it is an honour to be a member of this working group that intends to establish a dialogue with a large number of European citizens," Professor Martine Piccart told us.