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Anatomical pathology department

The Anatomical Pathology Department is responsible for analysing tumours sent to it by the Institut Jules Bordet, the CHU St-Pierre and the Ixelles and Molière IRIS SUD hospitals. It is a reference centre in various fields, including the diagnosis of breast, gynaecological, digestive, urogenital, pulmonary, soft tissue and head and neck cancers and lymphomas.

The Department analyses:

  • operative specimens removed during surgical procedures
  • biopsies
  • cytological samples (smears, etc)
  • blood samples for specific cytogenetic examinations (traditional karyotypes for the diagnosis and monitoring of leukaemia and molecular genetic techniques in order to provide prognostic factors).

The Department operates to the ISO 15189 standard.

The Jules Bordet Institute's Anatomical Pathology Department acquires laser microdissection technology 

Since its creation, the Jules Bordet Institute has been devoted to understanding, treating and fighting cancer. The recent acquisition of high precision laser microdissection technology reflects this mission and will make it possible to refine our knowledge of the heterogeneity of tumours and of the tumour microenvironment. Another boost for Research, made possible thanks to the generous support of the "Friends of the Bordet Institute.


Research projects

The Anatomical Pathology Department actively collaborates with research teams at the Institut Bordet as part of translational research. In addition, numerous multicentre clinical studies (EORTC, BIG, etc) are coordinated from an anatomopathological viewpoint by the Department which has thus become a central reference laboratory. We are also conducting more specific projects, including:


Project 1

Optimisation of preanalytic stages for sequencing. Influence of the preanalytic stage on the detection of gene mutations via next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Project 2

Quality control by infrared spectroscopy. Analysis of the quality and preservation (stability) of proteins from tumour bank frozen samples by infrared spectroscopy.

Project 3

Liquid biopsies. Tumour bank extension to blood/plasma samples thanks to the funding of plasma stabilising tubes by Les Amis de l’IJB. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of tumour DNA in plasma.

Project 4

Analysis of intra- and peritumoral inflammatory infiltrate in patients who have undergone surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma after intra-arterial radio-embolization. 

Project 5

CEA and ctDNA, post-surgery prognostic factors of primary and hepatic metastatic colorectal cancers.

Updating : 04/2021

Our team

- Pr D. Larsimont, (Head of Department)
  Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 31 15
- Dr M. Chintinne (Molecular Biology and Sequencing)
  Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 33 13
- Dr N. de Saint Aubain (immunohistochemistry)
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 31 19
- Dr R. de Wind (Cytology)
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 30 34
- Dr D. d’Olne, Consultant
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 33 13
- Dr M. Gomez Galdon (Macroscopy)
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 33 13
- Dr P. Heimann (Cytogenetic)
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 31 44
- Dr N. Sirtaine (Histology)
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 31 19
- Prof. P. Demetter (Head of Clinic)
  Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 36 98
- Dr L. Verset (Head of Clinic ajunct)
  Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 33 13
- Dr F. Lifrange, PG
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 34 93

- Permanence (Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 73 23)
- Joëlle Vanderheyde, Secretary
  Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 31 05

Quality Cell
- Ioanna Laïos  
  Tel : + 32 (0)2 541 73 10

Clinical Studies
- Dr Sc L. Craciun, Coordinator
  Tel :+ 32 (0)2 541 72 16

Tumour bank
Dr Sc L. Craciun, Coordinator
A. Spinette


 Scientific publications

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