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Medical Physics

Medical physicists are involved with the application of medical physics principles and techniques for prevention, treatment and diagnosis of cancer and the protection of the patients, staff and members of the public from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation hazards (More information).

At Institut Jules Bordet, the organizational structure of the Medical Physics Department integrates 4 specialities: Radiotherapy, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Engineering. Overall, the Medical Physics Department is composed of 25 members, from which 15 physicists with an official recognition as medical physics expert (MPE via FANC accreditation). Every medical physicist is employed as a member of the Medical Physics Department and seconded to another department to perform specific and clearly defined tasks. This integrated organization facilitates inter-department clinical collaborations, allows multidisciplinary approaches and joined research project developments.

Research projects


Project 1

Daily and accumulated delivered dose assessment of patient treated with pancreas SBRT

Project 2

Biological adaptive radiotherapy on the MR-Linac

Project 3

Quality Volume Histogram concept for personalized radioembolization based on MAA SPECT-CT simulation

Project 4

Comparison between 4 and 8 partial arcs treatment for left breast cancer radiotherapy combining DIBH and VMAT

Project 5

Lymphocyte Sparing Radiation Therapy for stage III NSCLC: a dosimetric study

Project 6

Standardisation of 68Ga PET/CT imaging resolution for multi-centre study

The team

- Reynaert Nick, MPE, Head of the Medical Physics department
- Simon Stéphane, MPE, Associate Head of the Medical Physics department, responsible for GammaKnife, IORT, brachytherapy and TBI
- Levillain Hugo, PhD, Head of Research and Development

- Jourani Younes, MPE, Head Medical Physicist in Radiotherapy
Burghelea Nicoleta Manuela, MPE, main focus on CTsim, DIR and functional imaging
Coelho Teixeira Danilo, MPA, main focus on plan optimization and standardization
Gulyban Akos, MPE, main focus on MRI for RT
Henriques Fernandes Patricia, MPA, main focus on QM and plan optimization
Paquier Zelda, MPE, PhD student in Medical Physics
Poeta Sara, MPE, main focus on DIR and dose accumulation
Rodriguez Garcia Diana, MPE, main focus on SGRT and QC-QA
Sonia Sobczak, MPE, main focus  on FilmDosimetry, BrachyTherapy and Commissioning
Vandekerkhove Christophe, MPE, main focus on QC-QA, Brachytherapy and IORT 

Nuclear Medicine
- Vanderlinden Bruno, MPE, Head Medical Physicist in Nuclear Medicine
- Marin Gwennaëlle, MPE, main focus on QC-QA and metabolic radiotherapy dosimetry
- Marin Clémentine, MPE, main focus on image processing
- Yimo Wadje Marie Christiane, MPE, Radioprotection

- Michiel Dehairs, MPE, main focus on CT and MRI
- Gomes Leitao de Azevedo Daniel Ricardo, MSc, main focus on CT
- Chao Shih-Li, Ir, main focus on MRI

- Guiot Thomas, Ir.,MSc, Head of Engineering
- Abdelkrim Zakariae, technician, main focus on QA-QC
- Kert Fabian, technician, responsible for 3D printing
- El-Hamdi Abdelhafid, technician, main focus on QA-QC

- Planchon Muriel, Personal Assistant Prof. Nick Reynaert and team assistant.

Last update : 17/03/2021