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Radiotherapy remains one of the 3 pillars of treatment for patients affected by cancer. Half of all patients will undergo radiotherapy at one time or another. Radiotherapy may be used to treat cancer, improve quality of life and even to alleviate certain types of pain.

Radiotherapy uses the properties of ionizing radiation. Recent technological advances and a better understanding of the interaction between radiation and tumours has led to increasingly more effective equipment, in terms of both medical imaging (CT scan, MRI and PET scan) and radiotherapy.

Research projects


Project 1

CHEckpoint inhibition in combination with an immunoboost of External body Radiotherapy in Solid tumors: CHEERS-trial

Project 2

PEACE V: A randomized phase II trial for the Salvage Treatment of OligoRecurrent nodal prostate cancer Metastases (STORM)

Project 3

Phase IIIb randomized trial comparing irradiation plus long term adjuvant androgen deprivation with GnRH antagonist versus GnRH agonist plus flare protection in patients with very high risk localized or locally advanced prostate cancer. A joint study of the EORTC ROG and GUCG PEGASUS

Project 4

Radiation versus observation following surgical resection of atypical meningioma: a randomized controlled trial (The ROAM trial) EORTC protocol 1308-ROG-BTG
  • Project leader : Philippe Martinive
  • Funding : EORTC Cancer Research Fund / National Health System (UK)
  • Collaboration : EORTC


Project 5

A prospective randomized phase 2 study of dose and volume de-escalation in prophylactic nodal irradiation of contralateral neck by sentinel lymph nodes mapping in unilaterally node positive head and neck squamous cell carcinomas


Head of Department
Prof Dirk Van Gestel : ENT tumours, skin tumours, non-malignant tumours, sarcomas, breast tumours.

Senior Registrars
Dr Sylvie Beauvois : ENT tumours
Prof. Philippe Martinive : neurological, digestive and pediatric tumours
Prof. Luigi Moretti : digestive and thoracic tumours
Dr Catherine Philippson : breast tumours and intraoperative radiotherapy
Dr Martine Roelandts : thoracic tumours and lymphomas
Prof. Honorary Paul Van Houtte : thoracic and gynecological tumours, non-malignant tumours, curietherapy

The Team
Dr Adèle Baize : gynaecological tumours and curietherapy
Dr Christelle Bouchart : pancreatic and neurological tumours
Dr Alex De Caluwé : breast tumours, gynaecological tumours, curietherapy
Dr Antoine Desmet : breast, skin tumors, intraoperative radiotherapy and curietherapy
Dr Tatiana Dragan : ENT tumours, sarcomas (tumours of the central nervous system)
Dr François-Xavier Otte : digestive tumours, urological tumours
Dr Robbe Van den Begin : oligometastatic, urological and digestive tumours

Mrs Amaryllis N’Tumba
Mrs Carine Top
Mrs Carine Vandevelde


 Scientific publications

Head-and-Neck MRI-only radiotherapy treatment planning: From acquisition in treatment position to pseudo-CT generation.

Authors : Largent A, Marage L, Gicquiau I, Nunes JC, Reynaert N, Castelli J, Chajon E, Acosta O, Gambarota G, de Crevoisier R, Saint-Jalmes H
Year : 2020
Journal : Cancer Radiother

Radiotherapy Quality Assurance for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Authors : Van Gestel D, Dragan T, Grégoire V, Evans M, Budach V
Year : 2020
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 10
Pages : 282

Monte Carlo dose calculations of shielding disks with different material combinations in intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT).

Authors : Alhamada H, Simon S, Philippson C, Vandekerkhove C, Jourani Y, Pauly N, Van Gestel D, Reynaert N
Year : 2020
Journal : Cancer Radiother

Phase II open-label study investigating apalutamide in patients with biochemical progression after radical prostatectomy.

Authors : Dirix P, Strijbos M, den Mooter TV, Liefhooghe N, Bruwaene SV, Uvin P, Ghysel C, Ost D, Schatteman P, Bral S, Engels B, den Begin RV, Otte FX, Roumeguere T, Palumbo S, Neybuch Y, Fonteyne V, Ost P, Dirix L
Year : 2020
Journal : Future Oncol

Once daily versus twice-daily radiotherapy in the management of limited disease small cell lung cancer - Decision criteria in routine practice.

Authors : Glatzer M, Faivre-Finn C, De Ruysscher D, Widder J, Van Houtte P, Troost EGC, Dahele MR, Slotman BJ, Ramella S, Pöttgen C, Peeters STH, Nestle U, McDonald F, Le Pechoux C, Dziadziuszko R, Belderbos J, Putora PM
Year : 2020
Journal : Radiother Oncol