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A new building for the Institut Jules Bordet

Since the end of November 2021, the Jules Bordet Institute is located on the ULB campus in Anderlecht!

The new Institut Jules Bordet, a building for the practice of medical excellence now and in the future.

A cancer treatment pole unique in Belgium

The Jules Bordet Institute, a university hospital dedicated entirely to the fight against cancer, is moving to a brand new building on the Anderlecht campus, in immediate proximity to the Erasmus Hospital and the ULB (Free University of Brussels) Faculty of Medicine. Currently occupying 35,000 m², the Institute's new building will offer 80,000m² devoted to its care, research and teaching missions in the field of oncology.....

Hospitalisation focused on the comfort and well-being of patients and their loved ones

The new Jules Bordet Institute proposes 250 conventional hospitalisation beds, including 172 single rooms, and 43 beds for day hospitalisations, including 31 single rooms to ensure calm and confidentiality during treatment. The new Jules Bordet Institute was built around the needs of cancer patients on the basis of care pathways adapted specifically to their illness. 

a building designed to welcome leading edge medicine and technologies now and into the future 

Technology for diagnosing and treating cancer is developing at a rapid rate, permitting more individualised, precise and effective cancer treatment for each patient. The new Jules Bordet Institute building is designed to welcome these leading edge technologies now and into the future.

New Bordet

10,000 m² dedicated to cancer research

The 4th floor of the new Jules Bordet Institute will be devoted entirely to translational research to combat cancer with the aim of arriving at a better understanding of cancer pathology in the interests of improved treatment, in particular by actively studying its functioning and the interaction between the cancer cells and the tumour microenvironment. 

A modern architecture with a human vision

On first contact, the new Jules Bordet Institute is notable for its logical design and transparent organisation.  The building is in the form of a parallelepiped, laid out around a central axis that serves all the vertical circulations, with six patios that allow natural light to permeate deep into the building. ...


Exclusive images of the new Jules Bordet Institute!

Watch the video and discover the major project for the new Jules Bordet Institute. Magnificent images of the construction work on the   80,000 m² dedicated exclusively to cancer are accompanied by explanations on how the project was conceived to combine excellence of patient care with optimal well-being for patients and care staff.

.... In short version !

Institutions having participated in the financing of the new Jules Bordet Institute: