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The new Jules Bordet Institut : Hospitalisation focused on the comfort


Hospitalisation focused on the comfort and well-being of patients and their loved ones.

The new Jules Bordet Institute proposes 250 conventional hospitalisation beds, including 172 single rooms, and 43 beds for day hospitalisations, including 31 single rooms to ensure calm and confidentiality during treatment. The new Jules Bordet Institute was built around the needs of cancer patients on the basis of care pathways adapted specifically to their illness. In addition to the haematology, medical oncology and surgery units, the new institute includes: hospitalisation units designed especially for elderly patients and patients requiring supportive or palliative care; a protected unit for haematopoietic cell transplantation; an intensive care unit specialised in cancer complications; a radioprotection unit for the administration of radioisotopes; and a hospitalisation unit reserved for studies of innovative new cancer treatments.  These units benefit from the expertise of care teams at the patient's bedside, specialised in oncology and including all the necessary support care. The layout of the rooms and compact design of the building serve to maximise the comfort and well-being of the patient and reduce distances as well as the stress and fatigue associated with hospitalisation. Each room has a view of the exterior or a patio and has a shower, storage space and all the comfort of a modern hotel: wi-fi access, ventilation, audio-visual equipment, etc. The comfort of loved ones and accompaniers is also a constant consideration. The lounges with view of the surrounding nature and relaxation areas have been designed to make waiting a more agreeable experience. A space for the children of hospitalised patients will be available on Wednesday afternoons and a health education centre will enable patients to obtain all useful information on their illness and their treatment.     .

When designing the new building, in addition to ensuring quality care by specialised teams,  the focus was on providing patients and their loved ones with all the necessary well-being with comfortable, light and peaceful spaces that respect their intimacy and their needs."  

Doctor Dominique de Valeriola, General Medical Director.

The Institute Jules Bordet, integrated reference centre in the fight against cancer, will be welcoming you at the ULB campus in Anderlecht from November 2021. 

Hospitalisation  Hospitalisation hospitalisation 

hospitalisation Hospitalisation

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