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Become a volunteer at the Institut Jules Bordet

Voluntary work is the free and non-remunerated commitment of persons who act for others or in the collective interest in a framework outside of assistance to family and friends. Voluntary work is not exercised by the same person and for the same organisation in the framework of an employment contract, a service contract or a statutory appointment.   

Voluntary work at the Jules Bordet Institute

We are seeking voluntary workers for various activities, including reception and orientation.  If you have some free time and the desire to actively support patients and staff at the Jules Bordet Institute then please contact the coordinator at our voluntary workers secretariat for further information on current needs.
Denise Cullus:

The Jules Bordet Institute has established a partnership with a number of voluntary associations. 

If you would like to offer your services as a voluntary worker you must apply through one of the partner associations of the Institut Jules Bordet

These associations are autonomous organisations which, by the terms of the law defining the statutory status of "volunteers" (currently governed by the Law of 3 July 2005, entering into application on 1 August 2006), are responsible for their voluntary workers, informing them in an "organisation memo" and providing them with third party liability insurance and details of other risks that may be covered. 

You will sign a voluntary worker's contract with this association, in accordance with the law. Your mission within the Institute will be clearly defined together with the manner of providing your services. The exercising of your mission is governed by the Institute's Internal Regulations. You will be required to complete a short training course.