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Requesting a second opinion

“Seeking a second opinion is a patient’s right.”


Dr Dominique de Valeriola,
Medical Oncology, Day Hospital

Second opinion

Every year, many patients request a second opinion from the multidisciplinary team of the Institut Jules Bordet.

Not all doctors and hospitals necessarily have the expertise, experience and/or equipment needed to treat all types of cancer in the most effective way possible. At the Institut Jules Bordet, this is exclusively what we do! Seeking a second medical opinion is therefore often useful and reassuring for the patient. Especially in the case of a rare tumour and/or one requiring complex, innovative treatment.

Moreover, when all traditional therapeutic approaches have been tried, at the Institut Jules Bordet there is still sometimes a possibility of new drugs or innovative treatments available as part of our clinical studies. Our teams keep constantly up to date and work together with many other hospitals in Belgium and abroad. This means that they are able to direct the patient to other centres where a potentially useful treatment may be available.