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Teaching at the Institut Jules Bordet


“Interns are integrated into an organised, multidisciplinary system under the constant supervision of their intern supervisor and his team.”

Prof. Anne-Pascale Meert,
Head of the Internal Medicine Clinic and Director of the 2nd and 3rd Master’s Internal Medicine at the Institut Jules Bordet   

The Institut Jules Bordet, university hospital

The Institut Jules Bordet, university hospital attached to ULB

The Institut Jules Bordet is an university hospital attached to the "Université Libre de Bruxelles" (ULB). As such, many doctors and members of the Institut’s staff teach at the ULB and in establishments that train health professionals. Similarly, every year the Institut Jules Bordet welcomes hundreds of students on internships.



Institut Jules Bordet

Training future health professionals

Cancer is a very common disease. In Belgium, one in 3 people will be affected by it. Consequently, over the course of their career, all (future) doctors may be called upon to care for patients suffering from cancer, including GPs, who are often in the front line. So completing one or more internships at the Institut Jules Bordet is an invaluable part of medical training, even for those not intending to specialise in cancer care. This is also true of other health professionals such as nurses, psychologists and paramedics.

At present, the Institut Jules Bordet is the only hospital in Belgium devoted entirely to the treatment of all types of adult cancer. This enables students to experience a wide range of clinical cancer situations and offers a professional environment in which they are able to rapidly acquire the experience they need.

Every year, doctors from other countries also come to train and acquire experience at the Institut Jules Bordet as recipients of scholarships specially reserved for this purpose (including FOSFOM).

Teaching at the Institut Bordet

Our formations

In Belgium, medicine is studied in 3 cycles: the baccalaureate (3 years) and Master’s in Medicine (3 years); Specialist Master’s degree and special qualifications (2 -6 years depending on the specialism); and the doctorate in medical sciences.

As a university hospital attached to the ULB, the Institut Jules Bordet regularly welcomes students from these different cycles. The study of medicine involves not only theoretical study but also a number of mandatory internships in internal medicine and surgery. Students can also complete internships in other specialisms such as haematology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, urology, anatomo-pathology, radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, etc. They are also able to supplement the knowledge acquired in the lecture theatre with practical experience gained with patients and other health professionals.

Whatever the cycle and specialism studied, each intern is supervised by an internship supervisor – an experienced doctor who, with his team, oversees all intern interventions with patients.