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« Neuro-Oncology is above all a multidisciplinary approach at the centre of which the quality of life of the patient is crucial »

Dr Philippe Martinive
Clinic Director

How we treat brain tumours

The Institut Jules Bordet treats both primary brain cancers and brain metastases. Medical imaging plays a major role in this treatment because, in the brain, accurate definition of the tumour is crucial.

  • A CT scan is often the first examination carried out when a brain tumour is suspected.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the reference examination. An MRI detects small lesions and produces different types of images, making it possible to visualise the tumour perfectly.
  • A PET scan (positron emission tomography) is used during the diagnostic phase to detect any metastases of a cancer originating in another organ and to guide a biopsy during the therapeutic phase, to determine the precise extent of a surgical resection and in radiotherapy sessions. The Institut Jules Bordet has been a pioneer in the use of PET scan guidance. In some cases, the patient is given an amino acid PET scan (methionine) at the Hôpital Erasme. With this examination it is possible to visualise a heterogeneous tumour and to identify the most aggressive zones.