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and after cancer ...

“As well as follow-up care, our patients are offered many types of support, after treatment too.”


Dr Dominique de Valeriola,
General Medical Director, Institut Jules Bordet

Medical care after cancer

After treatment, when medical examinations show no more sign of cancer, the patient is considered to be in remission. It is then that post-cancer care begins.

to keep an eye on the physical and psychological state of the patient

  • to manage any medium or long-term secondary effects of certain treatments
  • to detect any recurrence as soon as possible
  • to identify any new cancer.

Recurrence means that cancer cells reappear after a period of remission that can vary from a few months to several years. It can also happen that the same patient develops different cancers several years apart. In all these cases, the earlier a recurrence or cancerous disease is detected, the faster a new therapeutic strategy can be offered.