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Objective 20 KM

25 patients at the Jules Bordet Institute accompanied by care staff will be taking up the challenge and competing in the Brussels 20 km. 

20 km - team

Who said that cancer and sport are incompatible? Certainly not us! 
This project is a part of the survivorship programme. 
The post-cancer period is one that brings new questions at the medical, psychological, personal and even professional level. After treatment, there is a need for regular monitoring within a global approach: the survivorship programme. 

The word impulsion has several meanings for our team. 
It refers to the impulsion given to each stride in a race.

It represents the impulsion of a new departure, the start of a life after cancer. 

Impulsion by Bordet is a sports challenge that gives an impulsion to patients in a post-cancer period to get back in the race! 


Follow their progress

Training will be organised on a regular basis over several months to ensure our team members are ready for the big day. You can follow their progress day by day through the photos and videos posted on our social networks. 

11 January 2022 - 0 km
First team meeting

The runners meet for the first time. The support team explains the programme for the coming months and the scheduled training. An opportunity also for participants to get acquainted and choose a name for the team! They chose IMPULSION BY BORDET !


February 2022 – 1 km

Each patient undergoes an ergospirometry session with a physiotherapist in order to evaluate his or her physical abilities but also to ensure that there are no abnormalities.

February 2022 – 3 km
Beginning of the trainings

Each at his or her own rhythm but determined to surpass themselves, they follow the advice of their physiotherapists as they progress rapidly towards their common goal: the Brussels 20 km!   

15 March 2022 - 10 KM
The team are making rapid progress.

The 10 km threshold has already been reached! Thanks to the close-knit team and support group they are now one step closer to reaching their final goal!

May 2022 – 15 km
The home straight and final training sessions for the Impulsion team!

The end of 5 months' training that has made it possible to show that, despite illness, it is possible to run the Brussels 20 km.  

29 May 2022 – 20 km

The Brussels 20 km was crowned with success for the patients' team! Spurred on by the group and their supporters they crossed the finishing line with pride! 

Congratulations to them all!

Our team

  • Gael
    gaelI have always believed in the health benefits of sport. That's why I was immediately tempted by this adventure! I was also impressed by the spirit and motivation of all those involved in this great project. An enthusiasm that is contagious. Helping to show the health benefits of sport seemed very enriching to me personally and above all very important for all the patients. 

  • Dr Laura Polastropolastro
    Medical oncologist at the Jules Bordet Institute.
    This will be the first time I participate in the Brussels 20 km.
    There are many projects I want to develop to improve the well-being of patients during and after treatment. 

  •  Bruno
    BrunoFormer patient at the Jules Bordet Institute and participant in several Brussels 20 km events. I am convinced of the benefits of sport for our health in general and of its impact mentally in overcoming difficult situations. It is important for me to send positive energy to all those facing illness now or in the future so that they can in turn be an inspiration to others

  • darcSandrine Darc
    Physiotherapist with 25 years' experience at the Jules Bordet Institute. This will be the 11th time I have participated in the Brussels 20 km. I am an enthusiastic supporter of developing physical activity at the Institute as I believe strongly in the benefits it brings. I welcome this opportunity to train and support a team of patients who have had cancer as they take up this challenge.

  • Yvonne
    YvonneI agreed to join the team as a patient, encouraged by the enthusiasm of my oncologist and also wanting to support the Institute's new post-cancer support projects. I didn't hesitate for a moment because these projects really are so important. The professionalism and goodwill of the coaches, the sharing of experiences, the bonds formed with the whole team and the strong shared motivation mean that this first time running the Brussels 20 km is more than a sports achievement alone. It is also a human adventure celebrating victory over illness through movement, with the hope that it will convince any doubters of the importance of sport for the well-being and quality of life of people who are ill, both before and after treatment.  
  • Dr Laurence Buisseret
    Laurence BuisseretMedical oncologist at the Jules Bordet Institute.
    This will be the first time I participate in the Brussels 20 km. My motivation in encouraging patients to take up this challenge is that I am convinced that physical activity during and after treatment brings additional benefits that boost the effectiveness of medical care. 
  • Sophie
    SophieA former patient at the Jules Bordet Institute, this will be the first time I have run the Brussels 20 km. It was my oncologist who suggested I should participate and take up the challenge. Positive and convinced of the benefits of sport, I want to show that you can take up sport at the age of 54, that after cancer everything is possible and that life is beautiful!  Enriched by the experience, and the contacts with the great team, I want to share this incredible human and sports adventure. 

  • SylvieSylvie
    This will be my first time running the Brussels 20 km. Physical activity has played a major role in my journey. It helped me accept my body and restore my self-confidence. Participating in this project is a way of sharing my experience with others in the same situation, of encouraging them and of showing that my life is not at an end and that you can bounce back stronger than ever. 

  •  Maria
    MariaWhen life resumes after cancer you live again, for yourself, for others and for the essentials. It is a metamorphosis, a long process during which you learn to surpass yourself. The "Impulsion by Bordet" project reflects this same impulsion for life that is today motivating us to run together, to move forward together and to bring a message of hope." 

Run with them ?

impulse by bordetDo you want to support our Impulsion by Bordet team and run the Brussels 20 km with them? 

Join the ‘Supporters of Impulsion by Bordet’ team and help develop post-cancer support at the Institute!

Want to help ?

Make a donation !

Institut Jules Bordet
IBAN : BE72 0910 0972 7816
Communication : 97026/OTH0042

All donations will be used to develop post-cancer supporting care and two projects in particular: 

  • The multidisciplinary RESTART programme that improves the autonomy of patients and encourages lasting social and professional reintegration after breast cancer. 
  • The development of a physical activity programme at the Day Hospital that will enable patients to practice a sport in the waiting area with physiotherapists on hand.