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Rationale and design of REGINA, a phase II trial of neoadjuvant regorafenib, nivolumab, and short-course radiotherapy in stage II and III rectal cancer.

Authors : Bregni G, Vandeputte C, Pretta A, Senti C, Trevisi E, Acedo Reina E, Kehagias P, Liberale G, Moretti L, Bali MA, Demetter P, Flamen P, Carrasco J, DHondt L, Geboes K, Gokburun Y, Peeters M, Van den Eynde M, Van Laethem JL, Vergauwe P, Chapot CA, Buyse M, Deleporte A, Hendlisz A, Sclafani F
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Oncol
Volume : 60
Pages : 549-553

Transcriptional output, cell-type densities, and normalization in spatial transcriptomics.

Authors : Saiselet M, Rodrigues-Vitória J, Tourneur A, Craciun L, Spinette A, Larsimont D, Andry G, Lundeberg J, Maenhaut C, Detours V
Year : 2021
Journal : J Mol Cell Biol
Volume : 12
Pages : 906-908

The absence of benefit of perioperative chemotherapy in initially resectable peritoneal metastases of colorectal cancer origin treated with complete cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy: A retrospective analysis.

Authors : Repullo DJ, Barbois S, Leonard D, Bohlok A, Van den Audenaeren ET, Hendlisz A, Van den Eynde M, Donckier V, Kartheuser A, Liberale G
Year : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pages : 1661-1667

Complete pathological response to neoadjuvant treatment is associated with better survival outcomes in patients with soft tissue sarcoma: Results of a retrospective multicenter study.

Authors : Bonvalot S, Wunder J, Gronchi A, Broto JM, Turcotte R, Rastrelli M, Papai Z, Radaelli S, Lindner LH, Shumelinsky F, Cubillo A, Rutkowski P, Demaire C, Strens D, Nalbantov G
Year : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pages : 2166-2172

Dasatinib Stimulates Its Own Mechanism of Resistance by Activating a CRTC3/MITF/Bcl-2 Pathway in Melanoma with Mutant or Amplified c-Kit.

Authors : Sabbah M, Krayem M, Najem A, Sales F, Miller W, Del Rincon S, Awada A, Ghanem GE, Journe F
Year : 2021
Journal : Mol Cancer Res
Volume : 19
Pages : 1221-1233

Clinico-metabolic characterization improves the prognostic value of histological growth patterns in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal liver metastases.

Authors : Bohlok A, Duran Derijckere I, Azema H, Lucidi V, Vankerckhove S, Hendlisz A, Van Laethem JL, Vierasu I, Goldman S, Flamen P, Larsimont D, Demetter P, Dirix L, Vermeulen P, Donckier V
Year : 2021
Journal : J Surg Oncol
Volume : 123
Pages : 1773-1783

Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of Breast Cancer and Axillary Lymph Nodes After Intravenous Injection of Free Indocyanine Green.

Authors : Bourgeois P, Veys I, Noterman D, De Neubourg F, Chintinne M, Vankerckhove S, Nogaret JM
Year : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pages : 602906

Total neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer: Making sense of the results from the RAPIDO and PRODIGE 23 trials.

Authors : Giunta EF, Bregni G, Pretta A, Deleporte A, Liberale G, Bali MA, Moretti L, Troiani T, Ciardiello F, Hendlisz A, Sclafani F
Year : 2021
Journal : Cancer Treat Rev
Volume : 96
Pages : 102177

Assessment of cough in head and neck cancer patients at risk for dysphagia-An overview.

Authors : Mootassim-Billah S, Van Nuffelen G, Schoentgen J, De Bodt M, Dragan T, Digonnet A, Roper N, Van Gestel D
Year : 2021
Journal : Cancer Rep (Hoboken)
Pages : e1395

BSW light, the first completely virtual surgical congress in Belgium: Out of the box.

Authors : Komen N, Van Veer H, Liberale G, Deroover A, Ysebaert D, Duinslaeger M, Lemaitre J, de Gheldere C
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Chir Belg
Pages : 1-14

Impact of the first wave of the SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 pandemic on digestive surgical activities: a Belgian National Survey.

Authors : Liberale G, Van Veer H, Lemaitre J, Duinslager M, Ysebaert D, De Roover A, de Gheldere C, Komen N
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Chir Belg
Pages : 1-20

Prophylactic gastrostomy in locally advanced head and neck cancer: results of a national survey among radiation oncologists.

Authors : Dragan T, Duprez F, Van Gossum A, Gulyban A, Beauvois S, Digonnet A, Lalami Y, Van Gestel D
Year : 2021
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 21
Pages : 656

Cross-Talk Between Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSCs) and Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) in Bone Regeneration.

Authors : Bouland C, Philippart P, Dequanter D, Corrillon F, Loeb I, Bron D, Lagneaux L, Meuleman N
Year : 2021
Journal : Front Cell Dev Biol
Volume : 9
Pages : 674084

The histological growth pattern and the clinico-metabolic characteristics accurately predict the outcome in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal liver metastases - Belgian Group for Digestive Oncology (BGDO).

Authors : Bohlok A, Derijckere ID, Azema H, Lucidi V, Vankerckhove S, Hendlisz A, Laethem JLV, Goldman S, Flamen P, Larsimont D, Demetter P, Dirix L, Vermeulen P, Donckier V
Year : 2021
Journal : Ann Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg
Volume : 25
Pages : S63

Buschke-Löwenstein tumor in a human immunodeficiency virus-positive patient: a case report and short literature review.

Authors : Ledouble V, Sclafani F, Hendlisz A, Gomez Galdon M, Liberale G
Year : 2021
Journal : Acta Gastroenterol Belg
Volume : 84
Pages : 343-345

Is Endovascular Retroperitoneoscopic Aortobifemoral Bypass a Reasonable Alternative to Transperitoneal Open Surgery for Treatment of Severe Aorto-Iliac Occlusive Lesions? A Retrospective Comparative Analysis.

Authors : Segers B, Solari L, Ferrera J, Sosnowski M, Wautrecht JC, Donckier V
Year : 2021
Journal : Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg

MiR-7-5p inhibits thyroid cell proliferation by targeting the EGFR/MAPK and IRS2/PI3K signaling pathways.

Authors : Augenlicht A, Saiselet M, Decaussin-Petrucci M, Andry G, Dumont JE, Maenhaut C
Year : 2021
Journal : Oncotarget
Volume : 12
Pages : 1587-1599

Neo-CheckRay: radiation therapy and adenosine pathway blockade to increase benefit of immuno-chemotherapy in early stage luminal B breast cancer, a randomized phase II trial.

Authors : De Caluwé A, Buisseret L, Poortmans P, Van Gestel D, Salgado R, Sotiriou C, Larsimont D, Paesmans M, Craciun L, Drisis S, Vandekerckhove C, Reyal F, Veys I, Eiger D, Piccart-Gebhart M, Romano E, Ignatiadis M
Year : 2021
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 21
Pages : 899

Combined liver resection and cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC for metastatic colorectal cancer: Results of a worldwide analysis of 565 patients from the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International (PSOGI).

Authors : Lo Dico R, Faron M, Yonemura Y, Glehen O, Pocard M, Sardi A, Hübner M, Baratti D, Liberale G, Kartheuser A, de Hingh I, Sugarbaker P, Ceelen W, Moran B, Robella M, Quenet F, Sideris L, Goere D, Limbert M, Sammartino P, Morris D
Year : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pages : 89-100

Myeloid tumor necrosis factor and heme oxygenase-1 regulate the progression of colorectal liver metastases during hepatic ischemia-reperfusion.

Authors : Germanova D, Keirsse J, Köhler A, Hastir JF, Demetter P, Delbauve S, Elkrim Y, Verset L, Larbanoix L, Preyat N, Laurent S, Nedospasov S, Donckier V, Van Ginderachter JA, Flamand V
Year : 2021
Journal : Int J Cancer
Volume : 148
Pages : 1276-1288