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Histopathological growth patterns of liver metastasis: updated consensus guidelines for pattern scoring, perspectives and recent mechanistic insights.

Auteurs : Latacz E, Höppener D, Bohlok A, Leduc S, Tabariès S, Fernández Moro C, Lugassy C, Nyström H, Bozóky B, Floris G, Geyer N, Brodt P, Llado L, Van Mileghem L, De Schepper M, Majeed AW, Lazaris A, Dirix P, Zhang Q, Petrillo SK, Vankerckhove S, Joye I, Meyer Y, Gregorieff A, Roig NR, Vidal-Vanaclocha F, Larsimont D, Oliveira RC, Metrakos P, Grünhagen DJ, Nagtegaal ID, Mollevi DG, Jarnagin WR, DAngelica MI, Reynolds AR, Doukas M, Desmedt C, Dirix L, Donckier V, Siegel PM, Barnhill R, Gerling M, Verhoef C, Vermeulen PB
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Br J Cancer
Volume : 127
Pagina's : 988-1013

Salvage Partial Laryngectomy after Failed Radiotherapy: Oncological and Functional Outcomes.

Auteurs : Gigot M, Digonnet A, Rodriguez A, Lechien JR
Jaar : 2022
Journal : J Clin Med
Volume : 11

FUS::CREM-rearranged malignant epithelioid neoplasm mimicking neuroendocrine neoplasm of unknown primary.

Auteurs : Demetter P, Awada A, Aftimos P, Liberale G, Jungels C, Gomez-Galdon M, Saiselet M, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Histopathology
Volume : 80
Pagina's : 871-873

Isolated oesophageal Crohn's disease mimicking oesophageal carcinoma treated by Merendino procedure.

Auteurs : Al Zoghby S, Bohlok A, Moschopoulos C, Toussaint E, Verset L, Demetter P, El Nakadi I
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Ann R Coll Surg Engl
Volume : 104
Pagina's : e17-e20

Deep Epigastric Lymph Nodes Implication in Patients' Recurrence Pattern After Cytoreductive Surgery in Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases.

Auteurs : El Asmar A, Vouche M, Galdon MG, Bali MA, Sclafani F, Donckier V, Liberale G
Jaar : 2022
Journal : J Gastrointest Surg
Volume : 26
Pagina's : 1314-1317

Histopathological growth patterns of resected non-colorectal, non-neuroendocrine liver metastases: a retrospective multicenter study.

Auteurs : Meyer Y, Bohlok A, Höppener D, Galjart B, Doukas M, Grünhagen DJ, Labar A, Lucidi V, Vermeulen PB, Verhoef C, Donckier V
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Clin Exp Metastasis
Volume : 39
Pagina's : 433-442

Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a prognostic marker for head and neck cancer with lung metastasis: a retrospective study.

Auteurs : Yanni A, Buset T, Bouland C, Loeb I, Lechien JR, Rodriguez A, Journe F, Saussez S, Dequanter D
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol
Volume : 279
Pagina's : 4103-4111

Deep Epigastric Lymph Node Harvesting in Patients with Peritoneal Metastases of Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Origin.

Auteurs : El Asmar A, Liberale G
Jaar : 2022
Journal : J Gastrointest Surg
Volume : 26
Pagina's : 993-996

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) tool as a predictor of postoperative complications following major oncological abdominal surgery in geriatric patients.

Auteurs : Penning Y, El Asmar A, Moreau M, Raspé J, Dal Lago L, Pepersack T, Donckier V, Liberale G
Jaar : 2022
Journal : PLoS One
Volume : 17
Pagina's : e0264790

Suspicious cold thyroid nodule with intense focal 68Ga-DOTATATE uptake: a case report.

Auteurs : Manta R, Delbart W, Duran Derijckere I, Quiriny M, Demetter P, Flamen P, Karfis I
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Eur J Hybrid Imaging
Volume : 6
Pagina's : 8

Age of Less than Forty Years Seems Not Be an Independent Factor for Poor Prognosis in Patients Undergoing Surgery for CRC.

Auteurs : Wagner A, Jacob N, Moreau M, Bouazza F, Bohlok A, Deleporte A, Sclafani F, Hendlisz A, Donckier V, Liberale G
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Journal of cancer research and therapeutic oncology
Volume : 9(2)
Pagina's : 9-15

Successful treatment of synchronous chemoresistant pulmonary metastasis from pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma with stereotaxic body radiation therapy: A case report and a review of the literature.

Auteurs : Benkhaled S, Mané M, Jungels C, Shumelinsky F, de Saint-Aubain de Somerhausen N, Van Gestel D
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Cancer Treat Res Commun
Volume : 26
Pagina's : 100282

Prioritization of Surgery in Cancer Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Auteurs : Donckier V, Estache A, Liberale G, Goldman M
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Ann Surg Open
Volume : -
Pagina's : -

Tyrosine-Dependent Phenotype Switching Occurs Early in Many Primary Melanoma Cultures Limiting Their Translational Value.

Auteurs : Najem A, Wouters J, Krayem M, Rambow F, Sabbah M, Sales F, Awada A, Aerts S, Journe F, Marine JC, Ghanem GE
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pagina's : 780654

Rationale and design of REGINA, a phase II trial of neoadjuvant regorafenib, nivolumab, and short-course radiotherapy in stage II and III rectal cancer.

Auteurs : Bregni G, Vandeputte C, Pretta A, Senti C, Trevisi E, Acedo Reina E, Kehagias P, Liberale G, Moretti L, Bali MA, Demetter P, Flamen P, Carrasco J, DHondt L, Geboes K, Gokburun Y, Peeters M, Van den Eynde M, Van Laethem JL, Vergauwe P, Chapot CA, Buyse M, Deleporte A, Hendlisz A, Sclafani F
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Acta oncol (Stockholm)
Volume : 60
Pagina's : 549-553

The absence of benefit of perioperative chemotherapy in initially resectable peritoneal metastases of colorectal cancer origin treated with complete cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy: A retrospective analysis.

Auteurs : Repullo DJ, Barbois S, Leonard D, Bohlok A, Van den Audenaeren ET, Hendlisz A, Van den Eynde M, Donckier V, Kartheuser A, Liberale G
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pagina's : 1661-1667

Complete pathological response to neoadjuvant treatment is associated with better survival outcomes in patients with soft tissue sarcoma: Results of a retrospective multicenter study.

Auteurs : Bonvalot S, Wunder J, Gronchi A, Broto JM, Turcotte R, Rastrelli M, Papai Z, Radaelli S, Lindner LH, Shumelinsky F, Cubillo A, Rutkowski P, Demaire C, Strens D, Nalbantov G
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pagina's : 2166-2172

Dasatinib Stimulates Its Own Mechanism of Resistance by Activating a CRTC3/MITF/Bcl-2 Pathway in Melanoma with Mutant or Amplified c-Kit.

Auteurs : Sabbah M, Krayem M, Najem A, Sales F, Miller W, Del Rincon S, Awada A, Ghanem GE, Journe F
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Mol Cancer Res
Volume : 19
Pagina's : 1221-1233

Clinico-metabolic characterization improves the prognostic value of histological growth patterns in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal liver metastases.

Auteurs : Bohlok A, Duran Derijckere I, Azema H, Lucidi V, Vankerckhove S, Hendlisz A, Van Laethem JL, Vierasu I, Goldman S, Flamen P, Larsimont D, Demetter P, Dirix L, Vermeulen P, Donckier V
Jaar : 2021
Journal : J Surg Oncol
Volume : 123
Pagina's : 1773-1783

Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of Breast Cancer and Axillary Lymph Nodes After Intravenous Injection of Free Indocyanine Green.

Auteurs : Bourgeois P, Veys I, Noterman D, De Neubourg F, Chintinne M, Vankerckhove S, Nogaret JM
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pagina's : 602906