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Apheresis Unit (Hematology)

Apherisis is a procedure that makes it possible to separate the various elements of the blood, in particular: 

  • the plasma (therapeutic plasmapherisis),
  • the red corpuscles (therapeutic erythropheresis),
  • the white corpuscles (therapeutic leucapheresis),
  • the hematopoietic stem cells (cytapheresis), essential for both analogous transplants (using cells taken from the patient) and allogenic transplants (using the cells of another donor). 

Apheresis is a technique of extraction by centrifugation in an extracorporeal blood circuit (CEC). The components not collected are reinjected into the donor. 

The Apheresis Unit at the Jules Bordet Institute receives, for the ULB-IRIS network as a whole, patients likely to benefit from the collection of stem cells. The Unit works in close cooperation with the various autotransplant centres for adults and with the Children's Hospital (HUDERF). 

We have been practicing apheresis in our service since 1970, with a nursing and technical staff trained especially for the purpose. Two doctors and four nurses are available and ensure the continuity of the medical care, in cooperation with the hematology service as a whole. The Unit has an emergency service that operates 24 hours a day. 

The harvest, handling and conservation of the hematopoietic stem cells is in accordance with good practices. Since 2009 we have been accredited under the inspection programme (JACIE, the "Joint Accreditation Committee of the ISCT and EBMT" ) which makes it possible to improve quality within the various teams involved in carrying out the hematopoietic transplants.  

The Apheresis Unit at the Jules Bordet Institute also gives our patients access to treatment using photopheresis. This treatment is indicated for Graft Versus Host Disease that does not respond to the standard treatment and in certain cases of skin lymphomas. 


Research projects


Project 1

A Phase II study to assess the safety and the efficacy of extracorporeal photopheresis using the Theraflex ECP™ for patients with refractory chronic GVHD
  • Project Initiator : Philippe Lewalle
  • Collaboration(s) : Protocole de la société belge d’hématologie
  • Financing (or) support: Amis de l’Institut Bordet

Our team

Responsible Physician
- Dr Adriano Salaroli- Hematologist

Prof Philippe Lewalle

Head Nurse
Patrick Crombez

- Chloilde Aubrun
Walter Bellemans
- Denise Duthoit
- Nicoletta Munteanu

- Aurélie Timmermans
Sfia Bourdji

- Vanessa Vanpevenage


 Scientific publications

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