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Oncological day hospital


The aim of the oncology day hospital (a care platform) is to avoid hospitalisation with night stays while limiting the impact of the disease and its treatments on the personal, family, social and professional life of patients with cancer. 

The following may be carried out in the Day Hospital:

  • Conventional anti-cancer treatments (chemotherapy, targeted treatments, immunotherapy), as well as innovative treatments as part of clinical trials, with all cancer pathologies and all stages included.
  • Support treatments: bisphosphonates, bone antiresorption treatment, immunoglobulins, antibiotics, intravenous iron, blood product transfusions, etc.
  • Some diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (pleural, ascites or lumbar punctures and bone biopsies).

These treatments and procedures are prescribed by the oncologists and hematologists treating the patients and are carried out by a team of nurses and doctors specializing in oncology.

The Day Clinic of the Jules Bordet Institute is located at the ground floor (HDJ : Way 2070). It is particularly easy to access for the patient because it is located on the same floor as the sampling department and medical consultations.

The Day Clinic has 2 sub-units and has a total of 40 day hospitalization places including 28 single rooms.

The team