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The Ethics Committee


The Institut Jules Bordet Ethics Committee is an independent body whose role includes:

  • monitoring and advising on ethical aspects of hospital care practices;
  • assisting in decision-making on ethical aspects of individual cases;
  • giving its opinion on all protocols for experimentation on humans prior to implementation.

The opinions of the Ethics Committee are confidential. They are given in a reasoned report, sent exclusively to the applicant and reflect the different viewpoints of the Committee members.

The Committee may reject an application, giving a reasoned decision for this rejection.


  • President
    • Marianne Paesmans (*)Statistician with expertise in clinical research methodology, internal member
  • Vice-President
  • Academical Secretary
    • Bénédicte De Brabant (*), internal member, Lawyer
  • Physician members, oncology experts
  • Member General Practitioner
    • Thierry Renard, external member
  • Pharmacist
    • Coralie Deliens, external member
  • Nurses
    • Patrick Crombez, internal member
    • Frédéric Hoerner, internal member
  • Psycholog
    • Florence Lewis, internal member
  • Lawyer
    • Bénédicte Cuylits, internal member, deputy
    • Stephania Greco, internal member, deputy
  • Statistician
  • Patients representatives
    • Roger Gioffredi, external member
    • Patrick Miqueu, internal member, deputy
  • Secretary
    • Anne Spruyt
    • Dominique Roels

(*) Member of the Board of the Ethics Committee