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Médecine interne _ Internal medicine

The mission of the Institut Jules Bordet's Department of Internal Medicine is to assume responsibilitiy regarding:

  • Organising, with senior doctors from other specialities, the hospital's medical activity and support for undergraduate and postgraduate students 
  • Coordinating the various sister medical specialities of internal medicine, with the exception of those represented by departments concerned specifically with medical oncology and haematology. 
  • Intensive care
  • The oncological emergencies room
  • The infectious diseases clinic.
  • Providing training in internal medicine for medical students and doctors training to be a specialist  during the core years of internal medicine studies and higher training in internal medicine. 

Research projects

Project 1 (in progress)

L’inflammation a-t-elle une implication significative dans l’évolution du cancer bronchique ?

Project 2 (in progress)

COHESIS : Collaboration and Outreach in Hematological patients with/without Sepsis

Project 3 (in progress)

IMMUNO-REA : Caractéristiques et prise en charge des patients atteints d’une tumeur solide traités par immunothérapie admis en réanimation

Our team

Head of department
Prof. Anne-Pascale Meert

Intensive care and oncological emergencies
Dr Bogdan Grigoriu, head of clinic
Dr Julie Gorham, deputy head of clinic
Dr Michelle Coureau, resident
Dr Cristina David, resident

Infectious diseases clinic
Dr Aspasia Georgala, head of clinic
Dr Angela Loizidou, deputy head of clinic
Dr Michaela Raimo

Medical speciality
Dr Bogdan Grigoriu, pulmonology
Dr Lorenzo Ferlini, neurology
Dr Giulia Casalino, cardiology
Dr Costante, endocrinology
Dr Simenon, rhumatology


 Scientific publications

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Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients in the ICU With Respiratory Syncytial Virus Compared With Those With Influenza Infection: A Multicenter Matched Cohort Study.

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The role of the intensive care unit after thoracic surgery.

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Fragility Fractures in Postmenopausal Women: Development of 5-Year Prediction Models Using the FRISBEE Study.

Authors : Baleanu F, Moreau M, Charles A, Iconaru L, Karmali R, Surquin M, Benoit F, Mugisha A, Paesmans M, Rubinstein M, Rozenberg S, Bergmann P, Body JJ
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Cryobiopsy and dye marking guided by electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy before resection of pulmonary nodule.

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