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Oncological emergencies

The mission of oncological emergencies at the Institut Jules Bordet is to care for patients consulting for a medical emergency relating to their cancerous disease or its treatment. After being examined in the emergency room, possibly followed by a number of additional examinations, the patient will either be allowed to return home with the appropriate treatment or admitted to hospital for further examinations and treatment. The most serious cases will be admitted directly to the Intensive Oncological Care Unit. 

This structure, linked directly to the Intensive Oncological Care Unit, is the only one of its kind in Belgium as it is devoted essentially to patients suffering from a cancerous disease. 

The front-line care is provided by the same specialised medical and nursing team as for intensive oncological care.

Research project

Project 1 (in progress)

L’inflammation a-t-elle une implication significative dans l’évolution du cancer bronchique ?

Our team

Head of department
Prof. Anne-Pascale Meert
    (Caroline Gustin: Secretary)

The team
Prof. Thierry Berghmans, head of clinic
Dr Bogdan Grigoriu, head of clinic
Dr Vito Fontana, deputy head of clinic
Dr Cristina David, resident

Updating : 12/04/2021