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Soins Intensifs

The mission of the Intensive Oncological Care Unit at the Institut Jules Bordet is: 

  • Care for severe complications of cancer and of its treatments; complications of a nature to be life threatening, 
  • Surveillance of patients suffering from cancer who are undergoing treatment that poses a risk, such as surgery or heavy medical treatment. 

The unit, which provides intensive care at the Jules Bordet Institute, is dedicated specifically to caring for patients during their neoplastic disease and is the only unit of its kind in Belgium. The particularity of the medical team is that it is multidisciplinary with specialists from the various disciplines of internal medicine. All doctors have extensive experience in oncology and reanimation. 

Research projects

Project 1 (in progress)

L’inflammation a-t-elle une implication significative dans l’évolution du cancer bronchique ?

Project 2 (in progress)

COHESIS : Collaboration and Outreach in Hematological patients with/without Sepsis

Project 3

IMMUNO-REA : Caractéristiques et prise en charge des patients atteints d’une tumeur solide traités par immunothérapie admis en réanimation

Project 4 (in progress)

Recommandations de pratique clinique pour le patient atteint d’une affection maligne admis en unité de soins intensifs.

Our team

Head of department
Prof. Anne-Pascale Meert
    (Caroline Gustin: Secretary)

The team
Prof. Thierry Berghmans, head of clinic
Dr Bogdan Grigoriu, head of clinic
Dr Vito Fontana, deputy head of clinic
Dr Cristina David, resident

Updating : 12/04/2021