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Pink October - A personalised support programe for patients after breast cancer

Press Release (10/10/2023) 

Pink October - A personalised support programe for patients after breast cancer

Brussels, le 10 october 2023 - Thanks to improved screening and treatment, more and more patients are being cured of cancer. Nevertheless, the effects of the disease and its treatment can endure for months or even years after treatment ends. The Institut Jules Bordet has developed the RESTART programme, which offers patients with breast cancer in remission a multidisciplinary and personalised follow-up that combines consultations, physical activities, physiotherapy and educational workshops. More than 200 patients have already joined the RESTART programme.

A global and personalised accompaniment.
Restart"It is essential to accompany persons with or recovering from cancer throughout their combat: both during the period of anticancer treatment and when they return to social and professional life following treatment." Caroline Defays, "survivorship" nurse. To give patients the keys to regaining confidence and autonomy during this post-cancer period, the Jules Bordet Institute offers support in the form of global and personalised accompaniment. The multidisciplinary RESTART programme is designed for patients with breast cancer in remission who completed their chemotherapy, surgical or radiotherapy treatment less than three months previously. "Offering global and personalised accompaniment is essential as it favours a more rapid and lasting rehabilitation. This programme therefore complements the medical care and treatment," explains Dr Polastro, survivorship project coordinator.

The RESTART programme: follow-up in three stagesThe programme consists of three stages. First, each patient attends a survivorship consultation with Caroline Defays, "survivorship" nurse, and Dr Polastro. At this consultation the programme is presented and the patient's specific needs defined as the basis for drawing up the appropriate follow-up plan. The patient then attends 10 educational workshops. Including diet, return to work, sexuality and parenting, for example, the topics covered give these patients the keys to increasing their autonomy and well-being during the remission process. A physical rehabilitation programme is provided by the Institute's physiotherapy service with group pilates and yoga classes and also cardiovascular training sessions. Patients are also invited to download the Resilience mobile application, co-developed with the Gustave Roussy Institute. This gives them access to scientific information through articles, videos and podcasts.
The RESTART programme was developed in cooperation with Oncobulle.

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