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 Scientific publications

Selective oestrogen receptor degraders in breast cancer: a review and perspectives.

Authors : Gombos A
Year : 2019
Journal : Curr Opin Oncol
Volume : 31
Pages : 424-429

Investigational drugs in early stage clinical trials for the treatment of HER2+ breast cancer.

Authors : Gombos A, Franzoi MA, Awada A
Year : 2019
Journal : Expert Opin Investig Drugs
Volume : 28
Pages : 617-627

Identification of three subtypes of triple-negative breast cancer with potential therapeutic implications.

Authors : Jézéquel P, Kerdraon O, Hondermarck H, Guérin-Charbonnel C, Lasla H, Gouraud W, Canon JL, Gombos A, Dalenc F, Delaloge S, Lemonnier J, Loussouarn D, Verrièle V, Campone M
Year : 2019
Journal : Breast Cancer Res
Volume : 21
Pages : 65

Adjuvant therapeutic approaches of HER2-positive breast cancer with a focus on neratinib maleate.

Authors : Kotecki N, Gombos A, Awada A
Year : 2019
Journal : Expert Rev Anticancer Ther
Volume : 19
Pages : 447-454

Recent advances in understanding breast cancer and emerging therapies with a focus on luminal and triple-negative breast cancer.

Authors : El Hachem G, Gombos A, Awada A
Year : 2019
Journal : F1000Res
Volume : 8

Pembrolizumab plus trastuzumab in trastuzumab-resistant, advanced, HER2-positive breast cancer (PANACEA): a single-arm, multicentre, phase 1b-2 trial.

Authors : Loi S, Giobbie-Hurder A, Gombos A, Bachelot T, Hui R, Curigliano G, Campone M, Biganzoli L, Bonnefoi H, Jerusalem G, Bartsch R, Rabaglio-Poretti M, Kammler R, Maibach R, Smyth MJ, Di Leo A, Colleoni M, Viale G, Regan MM, André F
Year : 2019
Journal : Lancet Oncol
Volume : 20
Pages : 371-382

Extended adjuvant intermittent letrozole versus continuous letrozole in postmenopausal women with breast cancer (SOLE): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial.

Authors : Colleoni M, Luo W, Karlsson P, Chirgwin J, Aebi S, Jerusalem G, Neven P, Hitre E, Graas MP, Simoncini E, Kamby C, Thompson A, Loibl S, Gavilá J, Kuroi K, Marth C, Müller B, OReilly S, Di Lauro V, Gombos A, Ruhstaller T, Burstein H, Ribi K, Bernhard J, Viale G, Maibach R, Rabaglio-Poretti M, Gelber Rd, Coates AS, Di Leo A, Regan MM, Goldhirsch A
Year : 2018
Journal : Lancet Oncol
Volume : 19(1)
Pages : 127-138

Advances in chemical pharmacotherapy to manage advanced breast cancer.

Authors : Gombos A, Awada A
Year : 2017
Journal : Expert Opin Pharmacother
Volume : 18
Pages : 95-103

Targeting immune checkpoints in breast cancer: an update of early results.

Authors : Solinas C, Gombos A, Latifyan S, Piccart-Gebhart M, Kok M, Buisseret L
Year : 2017
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 2
Pages : e000255

Neoadjuvant buparlisib plus trastuzumab and paclitaxel for women with HER2+ primary breast cancer: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II trial (NeoPHOEBE).

Authors : Loibl S, de la Pena L, Nekljudova V, Zardavas D, Michiels S, Denkert C, Rezai M, Bermejo B, Untch M, Lee SC, Turri S, Urban P, Kümmel S, Steger G, Gombos A, Lux M, Piccart-Gebhart M, Von Minckwitz G, Baselga J, Loi S
Year : 2017
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 85
Pages : 133-145

Feasibility Study of EndoTAG-1, a Tumor Endothelial Targeting Agent, in Combination with Paclitaxel followed by FEC as Induction Therapy in HER2-Negative Breast Cancer.

Authors : Ignatiadis M, Zardavas D, Lemort M, Wilke C, Vanderbeeken MC, Dhondt V, de Azambuja E, Gombos A, Lebrun F, Dal Lago L, Bustin F, Maetens M, Ameye L, Veys I, Michiels S, Paesmans M, Larsimont D, Sotiriou C, Nogaret JM, Piccart-Gebhart M, Awada A
Year : 2016
Journal : PLoS ONE
Volume : 11(7)
Pages : e0154009

Results of the Belgian expanded access program of eribulin in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer closely mirror those of the pivotal phase III trial.

Authors : Aftimos P, Polastro L, Ameye L, Jungels C, Vakili J, Paesmans M, van den Eerenbeemt J, Buttice A, Gombos A, de Valeriola D, Gil T, Piccart-Gebhart M, Awada A
Year : 2016
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 60
Pages : 117-124

Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy of neratinib in HER2-positive breast cancer and breast cancer with HER2 mutations.

Authors : Kourie HR, Chaix M, Gombos A, Aftimos P, Awada A
Year : 2016
Journal : Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol
Volume : 12(8)
Pages : 947-57

Emerging Drugs Targeting Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (Her2) In The Treatment Of Breast Cancer.

Authors : Awada G, Gombos A, Aftimos P, Awada A
Year : 2016
Journal : Expert Opin Emerg Drugs
Volume : 21(1)
Pages : 91-101

An open-label, dose-escalation study to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of CEP-9722 (a PARP-1 and PARP-2 inhibitor) in combination with gemcitabine and cisplatin in patients with advanced solid tumors.

Authors : Awada A, Campone M, Varga A, Aftimos P, Frenel JS, Bahleda R, Gombos A, Bourbouloux E, Soria JC
Year : 2016
Journal : Anticancer Drugs
Volume : 27(4)
Pages : 342-8

Cytotoxic chemotherapy: Still the mainstay of clinical practice for all subtypes metastatic breast cancer.

Authors : Twelves C, Jove M, Gombos A, Awada A
Year : 2016
Journal : Crit Rev Oncol Hematol
Volume : 100
Pages : 74-87

Evaluating the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of everolimus for treating breast cancer.

Authors : Gombos A, Barthélémy P, Awada A
Year : 2015
Journal : Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol
Volume : 11(5)
Pages : 823-34.

Case Report: Mammary and rectal metastases from an ovarian cancer: report of two cases and review of literature

Authors : Amzerin M, Garcia C, Stanciu C, Veys I, Awada A, Errihani H, Gombos A
Year : 2014
Journal : F1000Res
Volume : 3
Pages : 255

Breast Cancer. Side Effects of Medical Cancer Therapy: Prevention and Treatment. Ed. Mario A. Dicato. Chapter 2: P29-117; Springer 2013, XIII.

Authors : Aftimos P, Gombos A, Pugliano L, Awada A, Piccart-Gebhart M
Year : 2013
Journal : Book
Volume : chapter2
Pages : P29-117

Clinical development of insulin-like growth factor receptor-1 (IGF-1R) inhibitors: At the crossroad?

Authors : Gombos A, Metzger-Filho O, Dal Lago L, Awada A
Year : 2012
Journal : Invest New Drugs
Volume : 30(6)
Pages : 2433-42