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03/02/2019 (auditorium Gengou - Institut Bordet) - Presidency : Hervé Maisonneuve (Lyon) and Michel Vanhaeverbeek (ULB)

Bordet News 124 (november 2018)

Summary 3 - Edito 4 - Prise en charge thérapeutique du cancer du sein : de la mutilation à la guérison. (Pr Jean-Marie Nogaret)

Covid-19 informations

Visits to patients are allowed subject to certain conditions. Persons accompanying out-patients are allowed (consultations and technical medical procedures)

Francis de Drée

Function : General Director
Department : General Management

Movember 2020

The Jules Bordet Institute supports the Movember campaign

Respect and protect one other!

All members of the Jules Bordet Institute and the care staff in particular need support, understanding and goodwill during this period of crisis. 

Metastatic breast cancers

Metastatic breast cancers : Characterising the profile of metastases for improved treatment